Are airbags good for racing?

Lura Torp asked a question: Are airbags good for racing?
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If you're racing a Formula car, for example, the added weight could offset the potential benefits, but for 99% of enthusiasts who track their car, even at the elite level, air suspension is a perfectly viable option.


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The extra cost could be less than $400 per truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that side-impact and side curtain airbags cost around $250 per vehicle, while ...

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Years toyota started airbags, for the record: Corolla: 1993 Camry: 1992 Tercel: 1991 4Runner: 1996 Tacoma/Truck: 1995.5 Landcruiser: 1995 Celica: 1990 Mr2: 1991 Supra: 1991 T100: 1994 Going with that info a 1992 truck didn't have air bags.

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all cars have air bags

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2. Airbags In Racing Cars Are Dangerous. Now that you are clear as to why don’t rally cars have airbags, it is important to know another factor associated with it. In racing cars, the speed is beyond the normal speed levels, and these speeds do not go well with airbags popping up.

There are plenty of racers out there running air suspension on their car, such as Cody Miles who races time attack with his Subaru STI with an off-the-shelf Air Lift Performance Kit. If you’re racing a Formula car, for example, the added weight could offset the potential benefits, but for 99% of enthusiasts who track their car, even at the elite level, air suspension is a perfectly viable option.

Airbags really shine in a track environment, where you’re likely to be pushing your limits on the bike. Look on the MotoGP grid today, and you’ll find that all racers are wearing airbag protection. That’s because, as of 2018, it’s required at that level.

All answers are good but one simple thing missing. Airbag is sensitive and on small crash can be opened. If you race and made small crash you can continue racing if all most important parts of car works. Also if car start to fire, airbag will keep you inside and you are dead. Any help for you or any kind of fast excape with airbag is hard.

Airbag systems are arguably the biggest revolution in rider safety since helmets. They have provided new levels of protection to both professional racers and the public and are reducing injury and raising racing performance. What’s not to like – apart from the price?

Ride Quality. Another biggest benefit of an air ride suspension is the smooth ride that it provides. The system uses a number of series of compressors and air bags in order to pump air into each shock absorber. The air actually provides a cushion against the bumps and that tends to leave the driver feeling steady even on the rough terrains.

Cons of Car Air Bag Suspension Kits. While known for their many pros, air bag suspension kits have a few cons you should consider. The first is that air bag suspension kits are expensive for any vehicle. The other drawbacks are related to maintenance. Air bag suspension kits have been known to fail more frequently than other suspension parts.

Personal Airbag Vests and Jackets - Making an impact, in a good way Airbag vests have been used by motorcycle police around the world since the mid 1990's. They have been in continual development for racers on the MotoGP circuits.

Airbag vests are widely used in equestrian events, and are becoming much more common in motorcycle racing. These have been designed with the rider’s safety in mind and are recommended for every safety conscious rider.

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