Are fender vintage noiseless pickups any good?

Vida Skiles asked a question: Are fender vintage noiseless pickups any good?
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Fender deluxe stratocaster vintage noiseless - the best of both worlds

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These pickups are a big part of the reason, along with the active circuitry and overall playability of the Clapton Strat… The magnets on these pickups are strong! I have found that setting them low really makes them come alive with great sparkle and fat vintage tone, and of course, no hum! I love them!


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🔥 Are fender noiseless pickups good?

Fender noiseless pickups- How good or bad are they? squeally dan. My SRV strat is my main ax but I'm still not 100% loving the Texas Specials. I scored some Fender... OrangeAD30TC. The venerable H.W. I have the Noiseless and I honestly think if you want the best strat tone you have to... GCDEF. I've ...

🔥 Are fender noiseless pickups active?

To answer your question… Fender Noiseless Pickups are not active and categorically ‘passive’ pickups. The reason is they do not adopt any preamp stage which needs powering with a 9V battery, which is typical with guitars with ‘active pickups.’

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🔥 Are fender noiseless pickups passive?

Fender Noiseless Pickups are not active and categorically ‘passive’ pickups. The reason is they do not adopt any preamp stage which needs powering with a 9V battery, which is typical with guitars with ‘active pickups.’

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Best telecaster pickups?

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They are not nearly as full, or loud as a modern set of Dimarzio Area's. But the Fender Noiseless has certain cluck, quack, a percussive element not found on others noiseless types I have tried. Positions 2 and 4 have a nice chime. = Clapton used Fender Noiseless pups for a good spell.

I have two vintage noiseless pickups in one of my Strats. They're a little more compressed sounding than a normal set of single coils. Clean you'll probably notice some difference as they're not very "open" or "airy" sounding, with gain you probably won't notice much difference at all. They are dead quiet though which is nice.

The Fender Vintage Noiseless neck pickup is my all time favorite neck pickup. Clear, balanced and 'woody' sounding. The Vintage Noiseless bridge pickup is very nice in its own way, but it has a different feel to a vintage telecaster bridge pickup. The usual way people describe the difference is to use the term 'hi-fi'.

I haven't done a thorough review like this, but I agree Fender's Vintage Noiseless pickups sound a bit disappointing. I like Kinman's noiseless pickups though. They use a stacked design but they sound a lot better. Zexcoil uses a different design.

Are Fender Noiseless Pickups worth it? Noiseless pickups are worth installing if you prefer a single-coil tone without the drawbacks of 60-cycle hum. Noiseless Pickups are excellent at reducing noise, hum, and interference. Furthermore, they remove the need to install a standard humbucker pickup.

Well, I also have a Clapton and I must say if you don't have the expactations of the guitar sounding like a vintage strat, it sounds damn good. Especially with the boost. I use it with a zvex nano and 1x12 cab and man the guitar sounds just fine with the vintage noisless pickups. I have no desire to change them.

Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Single-Coil Pickup This pickup set combines modern technology and vintage Fender tone. It comes with 3 pots, a capacitor and a resistor. Overall User Ratings (based on 78 ratings)

We can’t forget that Fender makes great pickups, and after all, they are responsible for inventing the Telecaster guitar. When it comes to Teles, however, it seems there are often better options out there. The Pure Vintage Reissue Telecaster pickups will still be a worth a look for some, depending on what you’re looking for in tone.

The most common and the first of its kind, the Fender Noiseless Single Coil has become a standard in this type of pickup. Available as a stock pickup in many Fender guitars this is a common start point of many players who like their single-coil sound but tired of the noise.

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Are fender pure vntage 65 pickups any good?

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The guitar I am considering swapping is a Hot Rod 50s Strat that comes from the factory with a 59 neck, 56 middle and TX Spec bridge. In that video, I really like the 56 cleanish tones but all the pickups sound good. I may do something like get a single 65 and swap it for the TX Spec and play with the neck, middle, bridge positioning of the 56 ...

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Are pure vintage 65 pickups any good?

Fender Pure Vintage 65 - #3 DC Resistance: 6.04K Inductance: 2.669 H Resonant Peak: 8.36 kHz Calculated C: 116pF (136-20) Coil width: 0.56" The 2nd pickup is an outlier with respect to the coil capacitance, calculated from the resonant peak and inductance. The CS 69's show a higher calculated capacitance, by about 15 to 20pF.

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Are fender jazz pickups passive?

Fender currently offers several active guitars and basses, including the Deluxe Active Jazz Bass and Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V, and the Jim Root Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster. It’s important to note that an active instrument will not work at all if its onboard power supply has been exhausted; it will not continue to work in a passive manner.

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Are fender pickups wax potted?

Except for Fender, most vintage pickups were not potted, or at least not well-potted (we "pot" pickups to stop microphonic feedback and to protect them from the elements). Some guitar makers pot by brushing on wax, others wrap the coil with tape.

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Are seymour duncan hyperion single coil pickups noiseless?

Seymour Duncan® Hyperion™ Pickups feature a moderate output through Alnico-5 magnets to keep the clarity of the fundamental tone when using a distortion sound, and to deliver a clear pick attack. From treble to bass, the overall tonal balance is evenly adjusted., and works well with various effect pedals.

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Which pickup is best? / stratocaster pickup comparison / fender / harley benton /rosswell

How to identify fender custom shop pickups?

At the bottom of the page there are links to both SINGLE coil and HUMBUCKER Fender Pickups that go through the detail of individual pickups. This page in an excellent check list of things about pickups that can help to identify them. Fender sometimes “relabeled” pickups such as Humbuckers, Same model, different name and different SKU number.

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Where are fender tex mex pickups made?


The Fender Tex Mex is produced in Mexico and the set of three is extremely inexpensive.

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2 standard stratocasters 1 with alnico 5 pups and 1 with alnico 4 vintage pups which is better

Are fender standard single coil strat pickups noisy?

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On Fender noiseless pickups, the bridge pup has yellow/black leads while the mid and neck have white/black leads. Also the pup covers have 'Noiseless' on them in gold script. They're different in size being taller compared to normal pup covers. They have Fender P/N 053336 on the bridge, and 053326 on the mid/neck molded into the plastic bases.

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Are fender tex mex pickups ceramin or alnico?

I really prefer my Telecaster with a “Cheap” Ceramic Pickups. Like a lot of People I ordered a set of Fender Tex-Mex Alnico5 Pickups, installed it, try it…and I re-installed my Ceramic Pickups right away, for me Alnico are too bright and Ceramic are well balanced and have a beautiful Tone. Now I can agree, it’s just a Myth. Michel Berube

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Can you put fender pickups in a squier?

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But if you really like it and want it to sound8% better, you could put in some or one Fender pickup and see if it makes a difference. Yes. If the pickups and everything in the control cavity is the same, and wired the same, the guitar will sound the same.

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18 meet the guitars squier 70's jazz bass "caroline munro"

Are there any fender strats with fat 50s pickups?

  • No problem if you prefer the Fat "50s sound. A few years ago I tried a couple of Fender Custom Shop Strats with the Fat 50's pickups and, to my ear, I thought they sounded sorta the mid scoop wasn't quite right for the mid 60's Fender sound I sought.

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Can i put active pickups in a fender jaguar?

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If you got rid of the rhythm circuit then it's no problem but if you want to keep that, I strongly doubt you can use active pickups.

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How to adjust the pickups on a fender stratocaster?

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The screw head goes through the pickguard, passes through a spring, and threads into the ear of the pickup. Tightening the screw raises the height of the pickup, while loosening the screw will lower it into the body. The screw and spring work together to properly set the pickup.

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What are the best pickups for a fender telecaster?

The Lindy Fralin Blues Special is our top choice as the best overall replacement pickup for a Tele. It offers you true Telecaster single-coil pickup sound but enhanced. If you are on a budget, the Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue Lead is a great choice. For those that want the cream of the crop, it is hard to beat the JBE Pickups Danny Gatton T-Style.

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Where can you buy fender mim standard guitar pickups?

Fender Hot Noiseless Strat pickups can be found in the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster guitars exude tone that combines warmth and punch with cutting bluesy articulation, with a screaming high-gain bridge pickup. And thanks to Fender's state-of-the-art Noiseless design, the clean, full sound is free of hum. NECK PICKUP

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Can you chane the pickups in a fender g-5?

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Yes you can, and quite easily if you're willing to void your warranty. All joking aside. I replaced the stock pickups in my Fender/Roland G-5 Stratocaster with some Carvin Twinblade humbuckers, and everything still works like a charm. Everything is sort of doubled with the electronics under the guard, the 5-way blade is like a double switch ...

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What kind of pickups does fender use for single coils?

  • In Example 1, we illustrate a common way to wire a Fender Stratocaster using all single-coil Lindy Fralin pickups. Another very common single-coil guitar is the Fender Telecaster. Telecaster pickups made by Lindy Fralin include the Blues Special Tele, Split Blade Tele, and the High Output Tele, among others.

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Are g&l s500 pickups the same size as fender stratocaster?

It would make more since from a cost standpoint for any manufacture but you can never be sure. I compared pictures of the USA and Tribute models S500 and Legacy and they both look the same. No telling if the pickup openings are the same size. I do know G&L pickups wont fit a Strat pickguard.

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Are felor pickups good?

These high-gain pickups are loaded with overdrive. But they can also offer a clean, crisp sound, depending on how you shape your tone. Despite them being associated with Zakk Wylde, they aren't just good for metal and hard rock. We think they'd be a superb choice for blues guitarists too.

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Are piezo pickups good?

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Piezo disks in general are not a good way to amplify a DB. Thicker crystals like in Underwood and Shadow bridge wing Pickups have a higher output Level and are more feedback resistant. Bridge foot pickups are softer and sound nice with the bow. A good compromise are Full Circle, Yamahiko and maybe Lifeline.

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Fender stratocaster vs chinese strat copy ("rocktile") - are cheap guitars any good?