Are p90 pickups adjustable?

Jackie Swift asked a question: Are p90 pickups adjustable?
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Most P90 guitars with soapbars are adjustable. The two screws go into a wood base and there is foam under the pickup to act like a spring. How are these mounted? Generally, P90's sound best further away from the strings than many other pickup types.


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Re: Can direct mount humbuckers be adjusted for height? It depends on how you mount them, I usually figure out where I want them and make some wood platforms and screw them to the pocket and then mount the pups on them. But I have direct mounted pups before with springs under the tabs and some dense foam under the pup.

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One last thing to mention: P-90’s are an archaic design from the 1940’s; really, they are the oldest pickup designs still in regular use. As such, they were never really designed to be very adjustable. In fact the earliest versions (often called the “A-90”) didn’t even have adjustable pole-screws, just fixed steel slugs.

There are two other variations on the P-90 theme. P-90s with non-adjustable alnico rod magnets were also made around 1946 and fitted to some ES-125s. Described by Gibson as “lost for a lot of years”, this version was recently resurrected as the P-90ST and P-90SR for the Melody Maker.

Gibson makes one P90, they do not make a neck P90 or a bridge P90, often the neck will sound louder than the bridge. Vintage and recent Historics (because the newer ones are more historically accurate) are NOT height adjustable. The Historics made before the last few years and most USA models ARE height ajustable.

The pickup has a reverse-wound bridge to help with hum canceling when two pickups are on. It comes with adjustable poles and Alinco II bar magnets separated with maple. It is available in various colors with several dogear cover options if you would like to use this pickup on a hollow-bodied guitar.

An adjustable bridge and trapeze tailpiece anchor the hardware. The lightweight wood bridge can move to improve intonation without damaging the carved top. The Kingpin offers one P90 pickup at the neck position, for warm and jazzy clean sounds. Because of the archtop design, it also plays great acoustically.

When you raise the adjustable pole pieces closer to the strings, what you are really doing is moving more magnetic material out of the "core" of the pickup. That lowers the inductance, and reduces lows (which is why we think of raising pole pieces to increase highs). The P-90 is a wide, flat pickup without much depth.

the thing with P90's is, the closer the whole pickup to the strings, the better it sounds. what i usually do when i setup a P90's pickup is, raise the whole pickup closer to the string until i get the desired volume and then adjust the pole pieces to balances each strings volume, so no one strings is louder than the rest.

In this video we talk about how to set the height of both your overall pickups and the individual pole pieces of the Porter Pickups P90s.

Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups; Adjustable USA-Made Steel Pole pieces for fine-tuning string balance; Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone; Hand-built for unrivaled quality control; Backed by our 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects; Risk-Free 30-day exchange policy

Outwardly, it looks like a normal P90 pickup except that the poles are non-adjustable and staggered for 4-wound, 2-plain ("wound G") stringing. Unlike a P90 pickup, those polepieces are actually the magnets .

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Gibson ES-175
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  • The entire Sensor Pickup line is available directly through Lace Music Pickups. The Sensor pickups have the same specifications with the same great tone. Gold Lace Sensors are designed to duplicate an early Fender single coil pickup.
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  • Totally there’s quite a bit of difference between P90 pickups and humbucking pickups. One of the reasons for this total difference is P90 pickups are a single coil while humbucker is a two coils system. Advantages of P90 Pickups The advantages to P90 pickups is they generally have more high end and low end.
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Active pickups actually operate on less power (about ¼ the amount of passive pickups) and a battery creates the signal boost. The biggest advantage to active pickups, and the reason they were invented, is that they are quieter no matter the length of the cable.

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This means that their natural output is actually very low, resulting in a much quieter and almost noise-free sound. In order to bring their output up to a usable level though, most active pickups rely on a built-in preamp to boost their signal.