Can you put bridge pickups in the neck position?

Domenic Lockman asked a question: Can you put bridge pickups in the neck position?
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How to find which side is correct for a bridge or neck guitar .

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If a pickup is wound hotter for the bridge, it can have more volume and fullness but can sound to dark or fat sounding in the neck position… Many guitarists, especially jazz players, have put specifically wound bridge pickups in the neck position for added warmth and fullness.


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🏁 Are bridge and neck pickups labeled?

A bridge pickup goes on the guitar’s bridge and the neck pickup on the neck, but the differences between these two types of pickups are more distinct than that. With a neck pickup, you get a warm but muddied sound while bridge pickups sound clear and crisp. Both the bridge and the neck pickup are favorable to use at different times, so you ...

🏁 Are neck and bridge pickups difference?

The main difference between neck and bridge pickup is the bridge sounds brighter, sharper and more piercing used for riffs, lead lines, rhythm, and solos. In Contrast, the neck pickup sounds warmer, thicker and darker usually used for lead solos and melodies.

🏁 Why do bridge pickups sound better than neck pickups?

  • This can give bridge pickups a hot sound, according to some guitarists, that neck pickups simply don’t have. The neck pickup’s output and resistance are lower, but this is what lends the pickup its warmth, which can sort of make up for the muddiness of the sound. The clarity of bridge pickups is a big difference between them and neck pickups.

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Tele bridge pup in neck position

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If a pickup is wound hotter for the bridge, it can have more volume and fullness but can sound to dark or fat sounding in the neck position. The string vibration near the bridge is less than the neck position and players often want a better balance between positions. Many guitarists, especially jazz players, have put specifically wound bridge pickups in the neck position for added warmth and fullness.

Usually the output for a bridge pickup is higher than a neck pickup due to the disparity in vibrations at both positions. Simply put you'll get a hotter tone, usually fatter and creamier too. If you play with distortion just leave it as it is or lower the height to balance the outputs, giving you a very nice tone, and for cleans I wouldn't recommend most pickups, but some people like the sound.

They're also quieter than the neck pickup because of the placement. People generally like the bridge PU to be hotter than the neck because it helps equalize the volume and also because overwinding a pickup generally darkens it up a bit. A very low output neck pickup put into the bridge would sound even brighter and more underpowered.

As with any pickup that's already on your shelf, you can install it in the neck position and evaluate it. The bridge pickup may work well for you in that spot. May 7, 2015 #5

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Using bridge pickups in the neck position can result in a much louder output than desired. Fans of single pickup guitar sounds sometimes argue that they can sound better than electric guitars with two or more pickups and share various opinions on why this might be the case.

Position 1 selects the bridge pickup, the middle position selects both humbuckers, giving you that “nasally” tone that’s not used that often, and the third position selects the neck pickup. These are found on guitars like Les Pauls, SGs, or any others that feature the two humbuckers or two single-coils.

Yeah all right, at the moment I have original neck/middle, humbucker bridge. What we're gonna be looking at is neck/bridge 60's pickup/bridge 54's, so I guess I'll loose all my hum-cancelling positions unfortunately. By putting the 60's neckpickup in the middle I could hopefully get hum-cancelling in position 4 though.

With a small screwdriver (or any other metallic probe, or pushing a string down to touch) simply tap on a pole piece of each pickup. The audible pop will be obvious if the pickup is active. Again, if either pickup volume is turned all the way down with the switch in the center position, NEITHER pickup will be active.

Most bridge pickups are going to have wider string spacing than neck pickups, due to the way the guitar’s strings taper towards the headstock. Knowing this will help you choose the correct pickup, and have all the strings sing at equal volume without dead notes!

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Are single coil bridge pickups wound differently than a neck?

The bridge pickup is wound ‘hotter’ (more turns) than the neck pickup so they have a higher output. This adds more mids more bite. They do this to compensate for the smaller string amplitude (lack of movement of the strings).

Are neck pickups louder?

The neck pickup in guitars will generally have higher output because the strings vibrate more above the neck pup than over the bridge pup. Try lowering the neck pickup, it might help. As for not liking the 81, you're not the only one who doesn't.

Why are bridge pickups angled?

Single coil bridge pickups are angled in order to strengthen the weak bass frequencies associated with single coils, and to soften the harsh treble frequencies in the bridge position.

Why are bridge pickups hotter?

By making the bridge pickup hotter, it adds more mids, more grunt and more bite. So, not only is it easier to balance the volume output of the two pickups, it makes the bridge position more palatable to modern players who like grunt.

Why is neck pickup louder than bridge?

The vibration of the strings is MUCH more at the neck than the bridge. This makes the neck pickup louder. Pickups are set up with different outputs to compensate for this OR you adjust the height.

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Why you should put a strat neck pickup in your tele (plus . Did kurt cobain use neck or bridge pickup?

He used it on rare occasions. He only used the bridge pickup, a DiMarzio H-8 humbucker, that was replaced by a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 at some time. Cobain's Sonic Blue Jag-Stang was given to R.E.M.'s Peter Buck by Courtney Love after Cobain died.

Which is louder neck pickup or bridge pickup?
  • The only rule that's good to follow is to not put a pickup in the neck position that's louder than the bridge pickup. String vibration is stronger at the neck position, so it may be difficult or impossible to balance neck and bridge pickups if the neck pickup is louder than the bridge pickup. Too much distortion?

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Pickup selection: single coil vs. humbuckers vs. neck positions Why is my bridge pickup quieter than neck?

The problem is due to the fact that strings vibrate much more at the neck pickup area than down by the bridge. So there's a lot more energy for the pickup to convert into a signal than there is in the bridge position.

Are neck and middle pickups the same?

the one that is different is the middle. they are NOT all the same. the neck and bridge will have the same polarity and winding. the middle will have opposite winding and polarity.

Can a neck pickup be used in a bridge?
  • Some strats have a reverse-wound middle pickup to eliminate hum, and some folks might put a hotter wound pickup in the bridge (like you are doing), but other than that there's generally no difference between the pickups in the strat positions. In a "standard" vintage strat all 3 pickups were the same exact part like the poster mentioned above.

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What is the middle pickup of a guitar really for? Do emg pickups need a bridge ground?

EMG active pickups Do Not require bridge ground.

Can you put a bridge pickup in middle position?

Calibrating pickups for the bridge and neck helps balance the sound when switching from neck, middle and bridge positions. Increasing the magnetic field can increase the output and brightness in a pickup. Over the years players have put larger or stronger magnets in their pickups to increase output and more sustain.

What happens if you put a neck pickup in the bridge?

If you use the exact same pickup in the neck and bridge positions, then the bridge may sound thin and weak compared to the neck, or the neck may sound dark and too loud… If you're looking for a lower output, brighter pickup for a bridge position, then a “neck” pickup might do the job perfectly.

Which is better a bridge or neck pickup on a guitar?
  • Playing on the bridge pickup on any electric guitar will give you a brighter, snappier sound than the neck position, which is typically characterized by higher bass content and warmth. If you want crunchy clarity for your high gain riffs then the scooped active tone of an EMG 81 is your answer.
Are there two neck pickups in a mim jazz bass?
  • the fender MIM jazzbass has two pickups that has a same size, so the neck pu size is wider from the MIA jazzbass pickup and the bridge pickup size is the same with MIA jazzbass. So if you make a change with a jazzbass replacement you don't have to make a route, the neck pickup will fit coz the hole on your bass is wider than the pickup.
Can you wire two neck pickups in a jazz bass?

What happens if you wire up two neck pickups (one in neck and one in bridge position) on a jazz bass using standard wiring? I ask because I think I've done this and I'm not sure what I should do about it. I reverse wired (switched hot to ground) on one but then switched it back because that just caused volume loss with both turned up.

What are your favorite seymour duncan pickups in the neck?
  • The JB and Jazz bridge models in the neck are particularly popular on the Seymour Duncan Forum. Dimebag Darrell preferred the ’59 bridge in the neck, which balanced more with the high-output Dimebucker. What are your favorite neck pickups?
What is the difference between a neck pickup and a bridge pickup?
  • 1 Neck pickups are higher up on the guitar than bridge pickups 2 Bridge pickups boast greater output compared to neck pickups because of their higher resistance 3 Since your guitar strings at the bridge don’t move as much, the bridge pickup has more windings, giving it a different sound that many players call sharp and clear More items...

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The magic of the stratocaster neck pickup What kind of wire do you use for bridge pickups?
  • The bridge pickup typically uses a yellow wire for Hot and a black wire for Ground, while the neck pickup keeps the black and white wires of standard single-coils. In Example 2, we illustrate how to wire Bare Knuckle pickups into a Fender Stratocaster.
What is the best position to measure the distance between pickups?
  • A good rule of thumb is that the distance should be greatest at the sixth-string neck pickup position, and closest at the first-string bridge pickup position. Follow the measurement guidelines in the chart below as starting points. The distance will vary according to the amount of magnetic pull from the pickup.
Can i use a neck pickup and bridge pickup at the same time?
  • If you use a bridge and neck pickup at the same time and the neck pickup has an alnico magnet and the bridge pickup a ceramic one, the neck will produce a cleaner sound and the bridge great distortion. Just watch out for discrepancies in the volume, which can arise with such a setup.
Does pickup position matter?

Most humbuckers are symmetrical and their sound does not change at all when installed backwards. Humbuckers that are not mentioned in this FAQ sound the same when installed in either direction. Some humbuckers have a distinctly different sound if you turn them around. There is no right or wrong installation direction.

Is rhythm the neck pickup?

The rhythm (up position) is the neck pickup, the treble(down position) is the bridge pick up, middle position is both pickups on.

Are mik pickups better than mim pickups?

The MIAs are well made better than the MIMs IMO. Thee MIJs can be superb,but like the others, there are cheaper not so well made variants. I had a Squier JV that was great.

Are tonerider pickups better than aaffinity pickups?

Tonerider Pickups Tonerider make replacement pickup sets for Strats and Teles. They appear to operate out of Squier’s main factory and sound as similar to the pickups used in Squier’s Classic Vibe guitar range as to lead most people to believe they are the stock pups built into the instrument.

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Clarity ep 25 - finding the neck pocket and hardware positions