Can you use a regular seat belt with racing seats?

Breanne Metz asked a question: Can you use a regular seat belt with racing seats?
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The seats are fine, most of the time just by removing the lap belt bolt on the stock belts and feeding it through the new seat you can safely use race seats and stock belts when not on the track and use the harnesses when you need them.


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🏁 Are removable seat belt bars allowed in racing?

overflow reservoir, functioning neutral-safety switch, seat belts, and a valid state driver's license or NHRA competition license for all participants. The driver must wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and a shirt. 13.99 seconds (8.59 1/8th) Drive Line Loop with slicks Approved helmet (Full face in open cars), see below

🏁 Are you track-ready with a lightweight racing seat?

  • Get yourself track-ready with one of these lightweight racing seats. There's nothing worse than sliding around on a less-than-supportive factory seat when out at your local track-day event. Put that frustration behind you, and upgrade to one of these lightweight racing seats.

🏁 Can you use a racing radiator with a stock engine?

As long as you have the water level high enough that the pump does not lose its prime you can fill from the radiator. In some cases a restrictive radiator may create problems with filling. I have had many people cure their over heating problems by just getting rid of the fill neck, going back to a stock type water outlet and filling from the radiator.

🏁 Do u use your original seat bracket for racing seat?

Locate the two bolts on the back of the seat and use your socket set and ratchet to remove them. Remove Front Bolts: slide the seat all the way back now and locate the front two bolts. Use your socket set and ratchet to remove them. Unplug All Seat Connectors: tilt your seat back so that you can clearly see the underside of the seat.

🏁 Do you have to have racing seats in order to have racing seat belts?

No you don't have to, but it's highly recommended. My race car didn't have a racing seat the first year I raced and I had racing belts. But it's much safer to have an actual racing seat, no matter what kind of racing your doing.

🏁 Do you need a seat belt for a razor go kart?

  • Razor® Ground Force Drifter electric go-kart brake cable. Replacement seat for the Razor® Ground Force electric go-kart. Replacement seat belt for version 1 through 7 of the Razor® Ground Force electric go kart. Replacement seat belt for version 8 and up of the Razor® Ground Force electric go kart.

🏁 How do you sit in a racing car with seats?

  • Racing Seats and Seating Position. First, sitting in the seat itself, the driver's back should be flat against the back of the seat with the buttocks squarley tucked into the corner created at the intersection of the seat back and bottom. The underside of the legs should be in contact with the seat bottom.

🏁 How to install racing seat belt harness?

This video is specifically for wrapping the shoulder harness around a harness bar or roll cage.

🏁 What kind of racing seats do you need?

  • And there is more. OMP offers some of the finest period-correct vintage racing seats available to the vintage race car market, as well as gorgeous reclining aftermarket seats. are essential to the safe and hassle-free installation of your new seats.

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How Can I Fit Standard Seat Belts With Bucket Seats? The installation of the bucket seats and the standard seat belt clips will depend on the vehicle model, the mounting brackets that you’re using to install the seats, as well as the type and design of seat that you have. With so many variables, here are the most common installations that we see.

Yes they work.I put the corbeau cr1 in my 02.They mount to the seat bracket.From what i have read you don't want to put a harness in with out a rollcage.You need to have the belts mounts above your shoulders otherwise in a rollover accident you may do serious damage to the spine.

If you are gonna install a full bucket seat, use an ultra low type rail, so the seat belt receptacle will stick up near or past the side of the seat, making it easier to buckle and unbuckle. The Sparco and Recaro rails often mount the seat belt receptacle too far below the side of the seat, making using them a bit of a chore.

you do realise that this makes no sense what so ever, what kind of impact can you expect on a race track?? A harness is a perfectly safe option, as long as its mounted right. Id imagine if a harness was a bad option for a REAL IMPACT then scca, ihra, nascar, D1, formula D and every other type of racing assosiation would mandate regular seat belts.

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Theres allot of numbers to suggest that harnesses without a cage are very dangerous, especially in a roll. They dont allow the body any movment. So a seatbelt safer, if you have a cage they said harnesses are a must, if you have a normal seatbelt then you'll move around... hitting your head and body off the cage.

Im planning to swap out my stock heavy seats in the future with some light weight race seats so I had a few questions. What do you guys with aftermarket seats do about seat belts? What about seat belt lights and airbag lights? Resistors I assume? Any tips for future reference is apreciated.

This is because, in many cases, aftermarket seats can be installed without requiring simultaneous installation of other parts. Your factory safety equipment, including seatbelts and airbags (except for the ones built into your seats) will remain functional. However, picking a racing seat can be tricky.

Step 2: Feed the seat belt strap through the appropriate car-seat belt path and buckle the seat belt. photo by Evan Sears Step 3: Pull the vehicle’s seat belt all the way out of the ...

Regular seat belts can be used yes, but be mindful of not having airbags. seat belts are designed to slow the impact on your body in the event of a collision, while harnesses are designed to keep you completely planted in your seat in extreme situations, roll over, very high speed collisions.

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What kind of seats does summit racing use?
  • Bucket and Bench Seats No matter what you’re racing—muscle cars, import tuners, Jeeps, off-road buggies, trucks, or SUVs—Summit Racing has the high performance bucket seats you need to achieve the comfort and safety you need race after race.
What size bolts to use mounting a racing seat?

Had to re-do a seat mount to accomadate a smaller seat. The rules (CARS) state you must use a grade 8 or higher bolt. After talking with the guy at my bolt and nut supply place he was puzzled as to why they would specify a grade 8 for a bolt that works in shear when a grade 5 bolt has better shear strength.

What's the difference between a racing harness and a seat belt?
  • Therefore, racing harnesses and conventional seat belts are designed with different things in mind. The racing harness intends to prevent the body from moving. The conventional seat belt will allow the body to move slightly. Either way, it is true that a lot of people will feel safer when strapped into a racing harness.
Where does the seat belt need to be on a racing car?
  • Safely enjoy your motorsports RJS, Racequip or Crow seat belts. 1. Lap Belt The lap seat belt must be anchored directly to the frame rail or to the roll cage as close to the hip as possible at an angle of 45 degrees, but no greater than 60 degrees to horizontal (the ground).
Which is sparco racing seat do you use?
  • PRO ADV QRT Series Fiberglass Racing Seat by Sparco®. A simplified and lighter version of the ADV, the frame and upholstery have been designed to provide the widest area of protection for the head and shoulders. The PRO ADV seat was... Pilot QRT Series Fiberglass Racing Seat by Sparco®.
Which is the best seat belt for racing?
  • Camlock Harness System features twin individual shoulder belts and has an SFI 16.1 Rating. The lightweight aluminum alloy cam buckle provides precise spring pressure for a positive feel... Seat Belt by Omix-ADA®. Seat belt use increases the odds of survival in an accident and their use is mandated by law in most states.