Do firebird pickups fit in a p90?

Macie Bruen asked a question: Do firebird pickups fit in a p90?
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The route for the Firebird mini hummer and P90 is the same. Gibson even has universal mounting plates that screw to the cavity and both mount to I think TV Jones sells a version too.


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🏁 Can a p90 pickup be raised or lowered?

  • P90 -Style pickups really benefit from the entire pickup raised to the optimized height, then fine-tuning the string balance with pole pieces. Split Blades are a different beast: check the video below to see Lindy adjust some Split Blades.

🏁 How do i know if i have a p90 pickup?

To identify a Standard Dogear P90, look at it's covers. Standard Dogear Pickups are parallel with the top of the guitar and have equal height on either side. See below for an example of a Standard Dogear. Short Dogear Pickups have a slanted look to them.

🏁 How do you raise a dogear p90 pickup?

  • If the cover is attached to the body, you can't bring the pickup any higher than what the cover allows. You unscrew the cover from the body, insert the shim, then screw the cover back onto the body, now with the shim in between the cover and the body, raising the whole thing, pickup and cover as a unit.

🏁 How many henries does a p90 neck pickup have?

  • The inductance is the big player in determining the amount of p90 flavor in hb sized p90s. For instance p90s are usually 7 to 8.5k with 6 to 7 henries inductance. My rebel 90s are 8.4/9.3k with the neck pickup having only 3.4 henries, which is closer to a hot strat pickup than it is to a p90.

🏁 How to swap pickups?

Make sure you use the screws the pickup came with (if it came with screws). Make sure you tighten the pickup screws evenly, just like when you took the stock one off. After investing in a new pickup, you don't want to mess up the threads. Run the new pickup wires through the hole to the control panel.

🏁 How to test pickups?

Sometimes when you are working on your pickups you want to make sure they are working correctly before putting your strings back on. In this video I will sho...

🏁 Is the p90 pickup the same as the humbucker?

  • It sounds almost identical to a P90 pickup and it is also capable of removing that annoying 60-cycle hum. This combination ensures that this pickup will sound amazing and it’ll provide you with the exact P90 sound that you’re after. In the past, it was difficult to find great pickups for guitars with humbuckers.

🏁 Should pickups be level?

For single coil pickups, your treble side should be slightly higher than your bass side, this provides a nice even balance of signal. Humbuckers aren't as critical as single coil pickups when it comes to heigh adjustment.

🏁 What do pickups do?

This device converts string vibrations into electricity, and is embedded in the body of the guitar right beneath the strings. Pickups use coils, which you may remember from conducting science experiments in school.

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The mini-humbuckers that fit into the rings (p-90 sized) usually do not have threaded mounting holes on their mounting tabs. A firebird pickup designed to go into a pickguard or a firebird pickup ring will be threaded, just like a normal humbucker. You can order either pickup either way from somebody like Lollar, or you can easy drill out the treads.

While the design and construction of these two pickups couldn’t be more different, Firebirds and P90s are closer than many would think. P90s in general are darker, noisier and typically push the amp harder than Firebirds do. Allen Collins famously used a firebird in the neck and a P90 in the bridge of his bird and it sounded pretty good.

Loving the look of the new Pelham Blue Firebird Studio, but I really cant justify buying it. Last year I had no P90 guitars....if I got the bird, It would be my 4th!!! Which got me thinking....I love a Firebird with the original pickups, so how hard would it be to swap 3 P90's for 3 Firebird pick...

WTB true Firebird pickups in Humbucker size - or failing that P90 size. Since I had a firebird with Klein firebird pickups (which sounded glorious) and let it go - I've been gassing for those pickups to put in an SG.

The old firebirds that used dog ear p90's probably wont work. They need quite a bit of clearance under the strings and the modern version probably wont accommodate them. They wouldn't cover the old pickup routes and you'd wind up having to cut the pickguard around them which is way too much work.

The size of the Mini Humbucker also made it a perfect replacement pickup for the P90, and these two pickups could be swapped without modifying the guitar. As the name suggests, the Mini Humbucker is a smaller version of the standard size, which is commonly called the PAF Humbucker.

No, Gibson built plastic surrounds (kinda similar to the plastic surrounds on a regular humbucker) - to specifically fit the mini-buckers into the p-90 rout. Do a search for 'Gibson Les Paul Deluxe' pictures and you'll see the minibucker pickup rings.

Our Firebird pickup may look like a mini humbucker without poles, but it s truly its own thing! The unique Firebird is designed to sound closer to a fat single-coil than a full-size humbucker. Compared with a mini-humbucker, it features a brighter overall sound and a bass response that remains tight and defined noticeably longer.

I bought a set of Lindy’s Firebird pickups for a 2015 G Firebird. The stock set had an ok, brighter P90 kind of sound. I got Lindy’s stock neck and 8% over bridge, and they sound very matched in output and thickness, as Lindy states. As he also says, they have little more Gibson like sound.

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