Does glucose crossover the placent?

Christopher Miller asked a question: Does glucose crossover the placent?
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Maternal glucose freely crosses the placenta. Maternal insulin does not cross the placenta unless it is bound to IgG antibody, which carries it through the placenta or insulin is forced through the placenta by high perfusion (6,7). Diabetic fetopathy is thought to be the result of fetal hyperinsulinemia (1–9).


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🔥 Does glucose crossover the placenta?

Little is known of glucose transporter regulation in the placenta save for the effects of hyper- and hypoglycemia. GLUT1 expression and activity appear to be inversely related to extracellular glucose concentration, however within the physiological range, GLUT1 expression is relatively refractory to glucose concentration.

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  • In meiosis, where crossing over does occur, the two homologous chromosomes pair up with each other in prophase and exchange segments of their chromatids. But in mitosis, the function is to divide one cell into two genetically identical cells, so there is no such pairing up and no swapping of chromosomal segments.

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Glucose in a mother's blood crosses the placenta to her baby, affecting the baby's blood glucose level. (The placenta, a flat circular organ, links the unborn baby to the mother's uterus, to provide oxygen, nutrients, and the elimination of wastes.)

Glucose is the major energy substrate provided to the placenta and fetus. It is transported across the placenta by facilitated diffusion via hexose transporters that are not dependent on insulin (GLUT3 and GLUT1). Although the fetus receives large amounts of intact glucose, a large amount is oxidized within the placenta to lactate, which is ...

OBJECTIVE —Insulin lispro (Humalog), a human insulin analog, has a more rapid onset, earlier peak, and shorter duration of glucose lowering activity than regular human insulin. However, it is not known whether insulin lispro crosses the human placenta and reaches the fetus.

Little is known of glucose transporter regulation in the placenta save for the effects of hyper- and hypoglycemia. GLUT1 expression and activity appear to be inversely related to extracellular glucose concentration, however within the physiological range, GLUT1 expression is relatively refractory to glucose concentration.

Glucose. The fetus has very little capacity for gluconeogenesis, so maternal glucose forms its main source of energy. Passive diffusion of glucose across the placenta is insufficient to meet the needs of the fetus and therefore facilitated diffusion using a variety of glucose transporters is required. 4, 5. Amino acids

A more recent study suggested that metformin does not affect human placental glucose uptake or transport, but that its size argued for placental transfer(5). We therefore performed a study to establish whether orally ingested metformin does cross the placenta into the human fetus. Blood was drawn on several occasions (n=19) from 7 women who ...

The placenta is a complex fetal organ that fulfills pleiotropic roles during fetal growth. It separates the maternal and fetal circulation, with which it is in contact through different surfaces, i.e., the syncytiotrophoblast exposes the placenta to the maternal circulation and the endothelium is in contact with fetal blood. Because of this unique position, the placenta is exposed to the ...

The placenta of the guinea pig has been found to possess hexokinase activity attributable to the low K m, nonspecifie type, but no high K m glucokinase or ketohexokinase activity could be demonstrated. The relative rates of glycolysis, determined with glucose and glucose 6-phosphate as substrates, indicated that the phosphorylation of glucose was a rate-limiting step.

A large part of basal glucose uptake occurs through insulin-independent pathways, as does glucose uptake by the placenta and mammary gland. The partitioning of glucose between insulin-dependent and insulin-independent pathways provides a means of regulating glucose disposition in the breeding animal.

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