Does my publix have curbside pickup?

Hilario Swift asked a question: Does my publix have curbside pickup?
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  • Yes. You can now order items online from Publix and pick them up from the store with curbside pickup. This service is currently available at most locations. Visit to see if curbside pickup is available in your area.


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Yes. You can now order items online from Publix and pick them up from the store with curbside pickup. This service is currently available at most locations. Visit to see if curbside pickup is available in your area.

Curbside Pickup* *By clicking these links, you will leave and enter the Instacart site that they operate and control. Item prices vary from in-store prices.

Publix offers curbside pickup through Instacart. There’s no fee for curbside pickup service, but there’s a $35 minimum order requirement. Publix’s online prices are higher than in-store prices. You can use the digital coupons available through Instacart, and they will be applied automatically when you add a qualifying item to your cart.

I moved to an area without a Kroger and with a Publix. One feature we LOVED was Kroger’s curbside pickup. There was like a $5-$6 fee...but it was handled by Kroger it worked great. It also really helped us stay on budget AND diet. Publix seems to partner with instacart which I’m a little wary of.

Customers place their orders on and can choose curbside pickup or delivery at checkout. Curbside orders are shopped and carried to customers’ vehicles by Publix associates. “We’ve had great success with Publix Delivery powered by Instacart, and the demand for online grocery services has continued to grow.

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