Does rick kelly still own kelly racing?

Omari Kuhic asked a question: Does rick kelly still own kelly racing?
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Retired driver Rick Kelly remains a shareholder of the business. Todd Kelly welcomed the new Kelly Grove Racing era and explained the need for a partner to join forces with. “This will be our 13th year owning and running Kelly Racing,” he said.


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Although he steered a Supercar for the first time since last October's Bathurst 1000, Kelly hasn't signed a co-drive deal for the team. However, he has signed a contract to be the team's designated test and ride day driver for 2021.

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In January it was announced the Grove Group had acquired a 50 percent stake in Kelly Racing alongside brothers Todd and Rick Kelly. Come January 1, 2022, the Repco Supercars Championship squad will be known as Grove Racing having acquired the other 50 percent stake owned by the brothers.