How do i know what pickups to get for my guitar?

Lilly Wolff asked a question: How do i know what pickups to get for my guitar?
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The easiest way to tell what pickups are in your guitar, is by removing the pickup, and looking on the back for a make or model number, or a serial number. Here's how to remove your pickups: Make sure your guitar isn't plugged into anything. Remove the strings on your guitar.

  1. Single-coils are brighter and crisper, while humbuckers are warmer and darker.
  2. Single-coils work better with clean sounds, while humbuckers work better with distorted sounds.
  3. Single-coils have more note definition between strings, while humbuckers have less.


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  • In simple terms a changing magnetic field as in when a guitar string (acoustic guitar strings have steel cores and are therefore magnetic) is vibrated over a magnetic pickup, there is a change to the magnetic field and an electrical signal is created equal to the frequency, or pitch of the string.

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The pickup uses magnets to detect the vibration of the strings, sending them as electrical signals through wires in the guitar, through the lead, and into the amp, where they are amplified and converted back into vibrations in the speaker cone. without the pickups, you would not hear the sound through an amp.

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7. Consider the instrument itself. Another important point to remember when searching for the right pickup is what the instrument is or is not capable of. Certain guitars are designed for specific acoustic or tonal qualities, and this will affect the way a pickup interacts with the sound created by the guitar.

A guitar pickup is essentially a series of magnets wrapped thousands of times in insulated copper wire coils… Which generates a magnetic field around the strings… Which then generates a voltage when the strings vibrate… Which travels through your cables and gear…

if it's a burny then it will most likely have japanese made pups in it not gibson. as mentioned pulling them out may tell the tale. also you could find out what model exactly you have and see if...

7. Joined: Feb 10, 2009. Location: Louisville, KY. I have a 2006 60th Anniv Ed MIM strat. I bought it used in perfect condition, and just changed the pickguard (pic). I'm not sure what types of pickups I have in here. I've read that the Anniv Ed is supposed to have Tex-Mex p/ups, but I don't think that's what I've got.

Attach your Red Wire to the Hot of the guitar pickup Attach your Black Wire to the Ground of the guitar pickup (you should have an ohm reading now) Use a Steel Item (screwdriver / pair of pliers) to touch the magnets and observe what happens to the needle when you pull away the Steel. The above gif has a pickup that meters down.

Here’s how to measure and check your pickup height. For starters, you always want to use your ears. Start by pressing the low E string on the highest fret, and measure the bass side of the pickup to the bottom of the string. Ideal starting point height should be about 1/8″.

DRAW! Draw a picture of your wires and where they need to go. It really helps to get it straight in your head. For my pickup, I had five wires: Bare: Gets soldered onto the back of the volume pickup with the green wire. My guitartone

In some situations a 1 Meg pot can bring an amazing sound to a guitar. G&L uses 1 Meg pots for a bass roll-off. Telecasters, Gibsons, and others have used 1 Meg pots to greatly lift high tones. You may want to look at a different guitar (pickups) if you’re chasing a brighter sound.

A pickup made for the guitar which controls the sound volume and helps guitar to produce the natural tune. A pickup also helps the guitar play comfortably. Without a pickup, the action makes too high and the guitarist do not easily use the guitar easily and comfortably. There are lots of benefits to a guitar.

How To Master Your Guitar Sound With The Guitar Toggle Switch And The Guitar Tone Knobs By Antony Reynaert It doesn’t matter if you have been playing the guitar for over 20 years now or you’ve just started out yesterday, the truth is that wrong settings of the guitar knobs can demolish all your great effort.

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