How do i schedule a fedex freight pickup?

Ashleigh Quigley asked a question: How do i schedule a fedex freight pickup?
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  1. Sign in to your account…
  2. Go to the “Pickup” screen and add the details of the pickup address…
  3. In the “Package Information” section, check the “Schedule a FedEx Express Freight Pickup” box and add your shipment details.
  • For FedEx Express® Freight, go to the “Pickup/Drop-off (optional)” section, click “Edit” and select “Schedule a pickup.” For FedEx Express Freight, you can arrange a freight pickup online only for the same day. You can generate future shipments and reserve space days in advance through the booking process.


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For LTL freight, go to the “Schedule Pickup” section and add your pickup information. For FedEx Express® Freight, go to the “Pickup/Drop-off (optional)” section, click “Edit” and. select “Schedule a pickup.”. You can request a one-time pickup at the same time that you create your shipping label or Bill of Lading.

From the navigation, select Shipping and click on Schedule & Manage Pickups from the drop-down menu for information about various scheduling options. You can also skip this step by logging into your account and going directly to Scheduling a Pickup. Once you have selected this option, the Pickup screen will display.

See how to schedule a freight pickup in just a few simple steps. To learn more about FedEx Ship Manager at, go to

For International shipments larger or heavier then our Freight Customer Services Team are available on 0800 289 747 (UK) or 01 816 1300 (IE) You can drop off your shipment at your closest FedEx location. If you have an Airway Bill that is already created – you can use our online pickup tool.

First, you’ll have to create a FedEx account and setup a FedEx account number. Click “Create an Account” Fill out your personal details and click “Next” If you already have a FedEx account number, enter it in the field. If you don’t, click “Create FedEx Account Number” Enter your billing details to create your Account Number; Once you’ve created an Account Number, go to Schedule a Pickup.

How do I schedule a FedEx pickup? To schedule a pickup, you will need to sign in to your account at Next, locate the SCHEDULE AND MANAGE PICKUPS box and select it. You will be redirected to the following screen. Fill out the fields and select the relevant package information. Click "Schedule pickup" and you are all set.

For customers who have a FedEx account and User ID, please follow these steps: Go to the "Ship" menu tab and click on "Schedule and Manage Pickups". You need to log in. Select the "My Pickups" tab and proceed to change a future pickup. Alternatively contact our customer service to change your scheduled pickup.

To schedule a pickup from shipment history: In the Shipment History window, go to the Home tab, select Freight Pickup, and then select Freight Pickup List. Select the PRO Number of the shipment to be scheduled for pickup (up to 25 ground freight shipments can be scheduled for the same pickup).

Enter any combination of up to 30 FedEx tracking or Door Tag numbers : (one per line) Enter Tracking and/or Door Tag numbers.

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