How do removing pickup covers affect tone?

Octavia Goldner asked a question: How do removing pickup covers affect tone?
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One of the first things you might hear is that removing the cover will allow the pickup to sound brighter and more open. Even Clapton said that removing the nickel cover will make the pickups sound different… If you adjust both covered and uncovered pickups to the same height, the sound will be almost the same.


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Pickup Covers – Myth Or Reality One of the first things you might hear is that removing the cover will allow the pickup to sound brighter and more open. Even Clapton said that removing the nickel cover will make the pickups sound different. So what is the truth?

A video questioning whether pickup covers really play a large roll in affecting your guitar's tone.

Guitar Pickup Theory #7: Effect of pickup cover material on tone and noise « Previous / Next » By alexkenis / April 13, 2016 / magnetics, Magnetics, Making / 2 comments. So here is the blog about pickup covers that I promised in the backplate post from a while back. I touched on the concepts of eddy currents and capacitance in that post, but I will go into a bit more detail here (while ...

Covers reduce noise. Covers along with the noise also remove a small amount of highs no matter how thin they are. Covers also remove some of the highs because the pickup (coils/coils and magnet/magnets) are further away from the strings once you put covers on, and also make the output a bit lower for the same reason (at the same pickup height).

Just a note on something I notice the other day. I removed the pick up covers from one of my strats and noticed an immediate effect on tone. It got significantly brighter. I know that this is why many remove the metal covers on Gibson humbuckers but this seems a strange result when removing plastic covers on a single coil. Anyone else notice ...

Zinc covers (often found on cheaper covered pickups) won't effect the tone at all though they may very slightly increase the effects of feedback and interference if the pickup isn't potted ...

It will not affect your tone. If you hear a difference, it is because your pickup (not the outside of the cover) is further away from the strings once you add the thickness of that cover. If you adjust them at 5/64" usually, you might want to try 4/64" after you add the covers.

You'll hear it pretty quickly :)

Humbucker covers can also affect the pickup’s magnetic field, depending on the material used, which will affect tone. For example, brightness might be a bit reduced with chrome, nickel or gold plated covers. Nickel-silver covers also tend to have less capacitance, which can also affect brightness. I found the Seymour Duncan’s information to be exactly as they mentioned. Using the same ...

Test : Cover for HumbuckerWithout, Silver - Nickel Cover and cheap Brass Cover.Influence , affect Tone Pickup : Gibson Classic 57Amp : Mesa LoneStar Special...

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