How do you enter the gumball rally?

Marjolaine Lesch asked a question: How do you enter the gumball rally?
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To access the application, visit the Gumball 3000 Tour website (see Resources) and locate the application on the right-hand side of the page. In order to complete your application, you must enter in the make and model of the car you intend to drive in the tour. Factor in the cost of the race.


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  • All competitors must hold a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years of age in good health. Licenses can be purchased by following the link. NOTE: A Hard Card will only be sent to those license holders who select the non-digital license option during registration.

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What is included in the Ace Spade Rally Fee? 1 Ace Spade Rally car entry. 2 rally participants 6 days/5 nights of adrenaline-filled fun. 5 nights accommodations in Luxury Resorts and Boutique Hotels VIP Nightclub Closing Ceremonies + drinks Pre-rally launch events. Plus other activities to be released. Support vehicle for overflow of carry-on luggage.

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Reviews. Gumball Rally, The/Cannonball Run II (DVD) (DBFE) (Multi-Title)Look, ma, no speed limit! It's not just how fast you go, but how funny, in two revved-up comedies about cross-country road races.

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The spirit of the Gumball Rally has inspired road rally enthusiasts to create local versions of the Gumball in individual states. There are annual Gumball Rallies in Michigan, Florida, and California.

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Rally format

The Gumball 3000 Rally takes on average 120 drivers, each year across countries and continents on a 3000-mile journey… The rally was founded in 1999 by current CEO Maximillion Cooper, initially as a road trip with his friends. Organisers strongly emphasise that the 3000 is a road trip and in no way a race.

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Visit the Gumball 3000 website to apply for the tour. Applying for the race is simple, however, you must have the car and the financial means to be selected to participate. To access the application, visit the Gumball 3000 Tour website (see Resources) and locate the application on the right-hand side of the page.

You will need need to provide all of your personal details, plus the details of the car you plan to drive in the rally. There is also a section on the website application for personal comments, in which you should give specific reasons for entering the Gumball 3000 -- including any charity or cause you will be supporting during the event.

The Entry Free is based per vehicle containing two (2) named entrants for the full rally. The Entry Fee is available upon request. For the avoidance of doubt, entries containing at least one (1) entrant whom the Organiser confirms as having participated in a previous Gumball 3000 Rally shall be classified as a “Member”.

The Gumball 3000 is open to anyone who has the car and the money to take part. You can apply online to secure your place in the 2019 event, which will run from Mykonos to Ibiza in June. With last year’s entry fee set at an eye-watering £60,000 for a car with two drivers, this is not an event to be taken lightly.

here is a quick checklist of things your team could do to promote your team after you have officially signed sign up for a gumball rally event: 1. confirm your team name. 2. create a team logo ( 3. order 2-3" logos for sticker bombing other teams with your team name or logo (use automotive grade vinyl please) 4.

My final video from Gumball 3000 2018 and it's a Q&A answering some of your questions from Instagram all about the Gumball 3000 rally! Thumbnail by @alexpenf...

The Gumball Rally is a 1976 American comedy film directed and co-written by Charles Bail, a former stunt coordinator also known as Chuck Bail, about an illicit coast-to-coast road race. It was inspired by the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash run by Brock Yates, which inspired several other films, including Cannonball, Cannonball Run, and Speed Zone, as well as an actual event, the American Gumball Rally and Gumball 3000 international race.

As you can see, taking into account the 2019 Gumball 3000 Rally starts with registration on 7 June and ends on 16 June, at a little over £80,000 for nine days, it really does live up to its reputation of being an extremely expensive event!! Having said that, I am also in no doubt it will be a phenomenal experience and more than live up to my expectations… after all, I’ve been wanting to do this for around 15 years… so maybe if I apportion that £80,000 over 15 years instead of nine ...

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When did volkswagen enter the world rally championship?
  • Volkswagen Motorsport entered the championship in 2013 and Sebastien Ogier dominated the series with six consecutive titles. New World Rally Car rules were introduced for 2017 which generated faster and more aggressive cars.
Where does the gumball 3000 car rally take place?
  • There are road trips, there are car rallies and then there’s the Gumball 3000. It is the ultimate motor rally that puts celebrity drivers behind the wheel of some of the world’s most eye-catching supercars. Covering 3000 miles, this luxury automotive road trip is usually held in Europe or the USA.
Where does the gumball rally end in california?
  • The race ends at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California where the finishers celebrate their arrival and the defeated Roscoe sulks off to one side – until a fleet of police cars and tow trucks, summoned by Roscoe, arrive to impound the Gumball vehicles.
Where is the cobra from gumball rally?

It has since been used as a road car as well as competed at the Coronado Speed Festival, the Monterey Historics, and other important venues. Today it remains in fully sorted, turn-key condition ready for road use, tours, or more vintage racing events.

Who is the main character in the gumball rally?
  • The main protagonist, Michael Bannon, played by Sarazzin, is a well-heeled but bored Wall Street businessman, who gathers a group of automobile enthusiasts together in New York City to participate in a coast-to-coast race to the parking lot at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, with only one rule: “There are no rules.”
Why is it called gumball rally?

The First Gumball 3000

The entry fee for the rally would be $8,700 and the rich participants would have to bring their own supercar. Cooper chose the term “Gumball” because Andy Warhol had used it to describe how the population chews up and spits out pop culture like a piece of gum.