How long are racing shells?

Francis Parisian asked a question: How long are racing shells?
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Racing shells range in overall length from 18.9 metres (62 feet) for an eight, 13.4 metres (44 feet) for a four, and 10.4 metres (34 feet) for a pair, to 8.2 metres (27 feet) for a single scull.


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In watercraft, a racing shell (also referred to as just a fine boat (UK) or just shell) is an extremely narrow, and often comparatively long, rowing boat specifically designed for racing or exercise. It is outfitted with long oars, outriggers to hold the oarlocks away from the boat, and sliding seats. The boat's long length and semicircular cross-section reduce drag to a minimum. This makes the boat both fast and unstable. It must be balanced by the rowers to avoid tipping.

Racing shells range in overall length from 18.9 metres (62 feet) for an eight, 13.4 metres (44 feet) for a four, and 10.4 metres (34 feet) for a pair, to 8.2 metres (27 feet) for a single scull. There are no specifications for weight, which….

Racing boats (often called "shells") are long, narrow, and broadly semi-circular in cross-section in order to reduce drag to a minimum. Originally made from wood, shells are now almost always made from a composite material (usually carbon-fibre reinforced plastic) for strength and weight advantages.Eights have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw and to help the rudder.

Rowing is the sport of racing boats using oars.It differs from paddling sports in that rowing oars are attached to the boat using oarlocks, while paddles are not connected to the boat.Rowing is divided into two disciplines: sculling and sweep rowing.In sculling, each rower holds two oars—one in each hand, while in sweep rowing each rower holds one oar with both hands.

Racing boats (often called "shells") are long, narrow, and broadly semi-circular in cross-section in order to reduce drag. They usually have a fin towards the rear, to help prevent roll and yaw. Originally made from wood , shells are now almost always made from a composite material (usually carbon-fiber reinforced plastic ) for strength and weight advantages.

WINTECH Racing’s mission is to promote the growth of rowing by making it easier and more affordable to buy quality shells that improve performance at all levels. Row the future, today. Contact your local distributor

If it is assumed that a racing shell applies to this principle and has a SLR of 1.3, it can be said that as water line length increases, maximum potential speed increases as well. This would be an answer to the frequently disputed question of how shell length affects speed.

Most U.S. rowing races and international races are 1.25 miles long, or 2,000 meters. This race is known as the sprint race, used in national, collegiate, worlds and Olympic competitions. There are six to eight lanes with every 500-meter section marked with buoys. However, junior races are typically 1,500 meters, and masters are 1,000 meters.

Pocock Racing Shells has been building boats for America’s fastest crews since 1911. Explore our website to discover how our history shapes the future of boat building. Our parts section has been recently updated to include USPS shipping options for some parts orders. If your order qualifies, this additional option will be offered during checkout.

Pocock Racing Shells was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1911. The roots of the company began in England back in the 1800s. Founder George Pocock grew up in England, where his father was the head boat builder for prestigious Eton College at Windsor around the turn of the century. As a young man, George raced single shells on the famed River ...

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The first racing shells, known as Lapstrake, or clinker boats, had hulls made from overlapping wooden planks called strakes. The hull is the shell frame, or main body, of the boat.

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Remove/repair minor blemishes. Insert glass stem band and fit stem ball. Sand down existing finish & revarnish, polishing hull & decks (as defined) Supply & fit new AussieRail slides. Check & service fin, bulkhead, seals, seats, stretchers, riggers and steering. (Parts charged on 'checked' items only as required).

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