How much does it cost to buy a racing drone?

Blanca Macejkovic asked a question: How much does it cost to buy a racing drone?
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  • You can get into drone racing for as little as $200, but WINNING races will cost more. If you’re not into assembling your own drone, then you can purchase a ready-to-fly racing drone like the Blade Inductrix for as little as $200.


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So you must prepare your pocket because going all out on drone racing can be really expensive. Normally, racing drones range from $300 to $500. But if we are going to talk about going into real racing and winning, then the cost can skyrocket to a thousand dollars or more.

The price for this large, autonomous, passenger-carrying quadcopter drone is $300,000. This drone is kitted out with air-conditioning, comfortable chairs, and a state-of-the-art control deck.

Your next drone and beginner racing drones – Under $250 If you want to progress your overall piloting abilities or begin to get in the game of drone racing, then we advocate a drone at the 100 – $250 cost bracket.

If you get serious about FPV racing you’ll eventually want to look at drone prices just for racing drones. But you can start out exploring your FPV racing interest with any basic FPV drone—drone prices start out at around $150 for intro-level FPV options.

In the racing department, you should expect to get a full flight kit in the $500 range. Make no mistake, there are always higher-end racing drones, FPV headsets, and controllers that can each exceed $500, but a $500 kit will be a good enough setup to win any regional competitions.

The pre-assembled Arris Dazzle 5-Inch FPV Racing Drone is one of our top picks for the best racing drone available. Not only does it come in at a feasible price point, but it also has a 1200TVL ...

Bottom line, $250 will get you started, but $500 and up is where you’ll likely need to look to be competitive on the global stage.

Everything here is based on giving the best value point where price meets performance. This is my opinion. You can go cheaper but I think your experience wil...

Price and other details may vary based on size and colour OLatus OL-Quadcopter-Mini01 F450 Quadcopter Frame Kit with 4x A2212 KV1000 Brushless Motor and 4x 30A ESC and 2 Pair 1045 Propeller 3 ₹4,200

Accorcing to reports, the 184 will cost between $200.000 – $300.000. Now a small but proven helicopter such as the Robinson R44 Raven I costs $355.000 brand new. It has a 350 mile range and can transport 3 passengers at 4000 feet. Ok, it is more expensive to operate probably, but the 184 must be a hell of a lot cheaper to manufacture too.

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