How much does it cost to start stock car racing?

Leslie Harber asked a question: How much does it cost to start stock car racing?
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Approximate Cost (new): Depending on rules, this varies. For mostly stock 4 Cylinders, a $500 car out of the scrapyard and $200-$300 for a roll cage can get you started. Depending on your location, it might be a little harder to find a cheap scrap car.


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Hotels: $200 (per race weekend) Food: $80 (per race weekend) Total = $9,276 per season for 8 race weekends (with hotels) Nearly $10,000 per season seems daunting, but remember that several things ...

Typical parts that will likely need frequent replacement once you start racing your car are listed below. Brake pads -- $100 to $300 depending on your car. Three or four hours of racing on a weekend can do to your brake pads what would take a year on the street. For many cars that is not an exaggeration.

Oh right, about that car getting on the track. The race requires an entry fee of $15,650, or about the starting price of a new Fiat 500 if the dealer gives you a bit of a break. And with that,...

a) Buy a Go Racing Pack from Motorsport UK (£99): This will include a Race Licence Application Form, a Medical Form (if you are 60 or over) and a useful DVD outlining some of the things you will come across in your ARDS course. The cost of your first race licence is included in the pack. Buy A Go Racing Pack

Racing Classes and Costs . I get numerous phone calls and emails daily asking these very same questions so with the help of the guys over at and a little updating by me here is a list to reference. Have you ever wondered what it would cost to drive a Trophy Truck? How much horsepower do class 10’s put out?

Build Costs. For entry-level drag racing with a stock or near-stock vehicle the costs will be very low. As you progress to higher and higher performance, the costs will be incremental, which spreads the overall cost of your investment over a larger period of time.

Required for all participants. $39 Driver’s Fee- Mandatory for all DRIVERS. Covers vehicle liability insurance and Souvenir Racing License.

Banger racing Costs?? deleted202089 5. Posted 31st Dec 2009. HI. Its a long shot but... i am just wondering how much it would cost to do a season of banger racing - ie the price of the car and so on. gonna be junior race series though. Thanks and a happy new year. Community Updates.

Stock car racing is a form of automobile racing found mainly and most prominently in the United States and Canada, with Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom also having forms of stock car auto racing. Traditionally, races are run on oval tracks measuring approximately 0.25 to 2.66 miles (0.4 to 4.3 kilometers). The world's largest governing body for stock car racing is ...

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