How much hp can a go-kart clutch handle?

Nyasia Marquardt asked a question: How much hp can a go-kart clutch handle?
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Clutch Features

This centrifugal clutch has a height of 55mm (2.17”) and a diameter of 107mm ( 4.21”). It fits any engine with a 3/4″ crankshaft and a 3/16″ keyway. Generally speaking, it will support any engine with an output of about 4 to 7 hp.

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A go-kart’s horsepower directly impacts its speed, acceleration, and handling. Too much horsepower can cause all sorts of problems. How much horsepower a go-kart should have depended on the rider’s age, size of the cart, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor model, usually from 4 to 16 horsepower. Be sure to know your go-kart track’s ...

However if it's improperly installed, driven in abusive conditions (sand, steep terrain, excessive weight in the kart or rear tires taller than 15"), the clutch might only last 20 minutes. Go Karts with rear tires taller than 15" or an engine larger than 8hp require a torque converter.

It will handle up to 25hp 2 cycle engines and 16 hp 4 cycle engines. The drive clutch comes with either a 3/4" or a 1" bore. The driven clutch comes in either a 7-1/2" or a 8-1/2" diameter unit, the bore size can be either 3/4" or 1".

Used on 3 to 8 horsepower engines. 10 tooth clutches use #40, 41 and 420 chain. 11 tooth and 12 tooth clutches use #35 chain. Most installations use a 5/16-24 x 3/4" bolt, washer & lock washer. Grease the engine crankshaft and tapped hole for easy removal in the future.

Ratios do vary with wheel size, weight & other conditions, however you should keep your gear ratio at approx 6 to 1. Any ratio either smaller or larger will put too much torque through the clutch and cause it to slip, which will cause the clutch to overheat and the clutch will no longer function

Well let me give you some word of advice. Go-kart engines, once you get up to 20 horsepower or higher are just can be too much power so much power that you cannot really handle it. It is really not fun. The idea is to be able to max the horsepower reasonably so that you are not squealing the tires out of control.

im starting to have clutch issues with a custom stage two w/ hp tuners tuning solid mounts and control arm bushings. and a few other mods cai,exhaust etc. not real bad but i can feel it slip w/ only 5900 miles on the car. the clutch is the next upgrade.

Tooth/Chain Kits: These Go Kart clutch kits include the chain hardware for simple pairing with a variety of engines. Predator Clutch Kits: Listings for specialty mechanisms that pair with the popular, heavy-duty Predator series of engines. These clutch kits are able to make the most of these engines immense horsepower and torque capabilities. Features included with this equipment. Here are some examples of features available with these Go Kart clutch kits: Compatibility with high-horsepower ...

While clutches engage earlier, they have a slip range at about 1,400 to 1,600 RPM. Slipping can cause increased heat and wear on the parts. However, once a clutch is fully engaged, it feels much snappier. This makes clutches more ideal for situations where you’re constantly engaging in higher speeds on the upper torque range.

A 7.9:1 ratio can only pull so much, and when you get to a hill, you have reach the balance between clutch slipping and the amount of horsepower that your engine puts out. A larger engine might help, but you might be suprised that you would end up with the same situation, a slippling clutch and no movement up the hill.

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