How racing pigeon roundabout system works?

George Roberts asked a question: How racing pigeon roundabout system works?
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Commonly referred to as the Roundabout System, it enables a fancier to race both hens and cocks, providing he/she has enough space in the loft… Having said this both sets of birds are raced and trained in the same way, which teaches the yearling just what is expected from them in the following yearsof racing.

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The original system used to split the birds up after about 3 weeks and no youngsters were taken from the race birds. We have changed this and breed from our best racers if possible. Once the cocks start to drive their hens for a second nest, we remove the hens and leave the cocks to rear the youngsters alone if they are not already weaned.

alex young, on 30 March 2011 - 22:49 PM, said: Presuming the birds will need training they will need to be fed according to the amount of work they're doing. Just to explain a little on the above,while my hens raced twice a week they were fed 1/3 sup/diet 1/3 wid/mix 1/3 yb/mix to replace muscle tissue.If only racing once a week and no ...

I m gonna present the most common and top given results systems applied to motivate homing racing pigeons . 1) The Darkness System. 1) The Natural System. 2) The Widowhood System. 4) The Celibacy System. 5) The Jealousy System. 6) The Roundabout System. Out of these Systems ,the cocks respond extremely well to the widowhood system in term of ...

At one time the natural system of racing, where the pigeons are mated and then flown whilst they are breeding or feeding youngsters, was the only system known. Belgium fanciers, however, discovered and developed what is today known as the widowhood system. The fanciers who discovered this method, kept their secret to themselves and for some time ...

Here's a quick tip on how to motivate your pigeons using the widowhood system. Arvel Freydenfelt Discusses the use of the system.Thanks For Watching! Make su...

here is a look into my roundabout cocks loft,i will be racing 30 cocks and 30 hens on the roundabout system for 2012

When the youngsters are about 17 days old this is getting a little bit less when they get interested to start a new nest again. When they are sitting on eggs again both sexes are trained separately again. Till the point of 10 days is reached and the birds are put on the widowhood system.

Racing straight widowhood (only cocks) is the most productive and efficient way to race pigeons. Every other system favors the hens. Widowhood favors the cocks. To race old birds you must race a system. The best is Widowhood, followed by double widowhood, then celibacy and last and it should be least is the natural system.

Let the cocks spend 30 minutes with hens the first few races before crating for the race. They are left with the hens for two hours after a short race up to overnight on a long race. After week three, just open next boxes for 15 minutes before crating for the race.

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