How safe is drag racing?

Josephine Fritsch asked a question: How safe is drag racing?
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Injuries can include broken bones, lacerations, nerve damage, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), amputation, and other types of injuries common to high-speed automobile accidents. Data from the National Hot Rod Association shows that 49 people per 1,000 street racers are injured in illegal street races each year.

Drivers, for a countless number of reasons, can potentially lose control of their car and the results can be pretty bad. Sometimes it's just some minor body damage that can be fixed quickly. Drag racing could even end in death, although that's pretty rare these days.

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There is a risk involved with professional, organized drag racing that takes place on a track, but given how many people have participated in these events over the years and how rare serious injury or death is, it can be considered a reasonably safe, though risky, activity. Drag racing is overseen by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), a ...

No drag racing can ever be totally safe, especially if your in a fast car. But, no question sanctioned drag racing is far safer than street racing (Underground racing) hands down. Sanctioned racing is a controlled environment. The cars are safety checked and are required to have whatever safety equipment needed for the speed the car will run.

Drag racing is the safest form of motor sport. No bends, no hills, no overtaking, only two cars on track at same time but in their own lane. Even boy racers can usually manage to point their cars straight for 1/4 mile then stop.

Well, drag racing is unsafe to begin with. but this is not that dangerous because your momentum should be going to the rear, not side to side. but if it did start to swerve, he'd be screwed :nono: 1999 Mustang v6 convertible - Sold

Is your local drag strip safe? Brian Lohnes, Bangshift. 10/04/11 4:00PM. 64. 1. A busy drag racing season's been highlighted by more than just quick times, with a series of high-profile incidents ...

Making your first time at the drag strip fun, stress-free, and safe. Drag racing is one of the most casual, fun, and affordable ways to get involved in motorsports. At its simplest, drag racing is as easy as rolling up to your closest strip, paying the price of admission, and then hitting the gas pedal once the staging lights turn green.

how safe is racing? Seven years ago, after losing its greatest star in a crash at Daytona, NASCAR launched an unprecedented effort to prevent fatal wrecks. The result has been a remarkable series of innovations that have changed the sport and (so far at least) kept everyone alive.

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Drag Racing (in short) is a competition in which ‘prepared’ vehicles compete in a ‘controlled’ environment (a Drag Strip). There are governing rules for participants and that includes safety. Street Racing is just that. Street Racing. It is in no way shape or form , Drag Racing and, yes it is illegal and it’s just plain stupid.

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