How to calculate time in tsd rally?

Amani Kunde asked a question: How to calculate time in tsd rally?
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We can calculate the time it takes to make each turn by using the formula (Distance X 60) / speed = minutes. So the first mile for instruction #15, at 45 mph will take 1.33 minutes (add that to our start time of 4:15 to get 4:16.33), .


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The capacity cutline initially displays at the top of the backlog. Use the cutline to help you to prioritize backlogs, determine teams, and see capacity for the release. Drag the cutline down your prioritized backlog to get a visual representation of work that can be realistically completed in a release.

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DISTANCE=TIME X SPEED. Thus: If you have been traveling at 60 MPH (that's a mile per minute) for 60 minutes then your vehicle must have traveled 60 miles! It is the navigator's job to keep tabs on where the team is in order to keep you on course and on time. That's all there really is to a TSD rally!

A rally is a competition in which cars individually leave a starting point at a carefully recorded time, and are instructed to accurately follow a designated route while maintaining specific various rates of speed along this route. DISTANCE = TIME X SPEED. TIME = DISTANCE/SPEED. SPEED = DISTANCE/TIME

Rally Formulas & Calculations: Time (minutes) = Distance x 60 / Average Speed Odo Correction Factor = Your Distance / Rally Distance Rally speed (or distance) x Factor = Your speed (or distance)

On a straight-forward TSD rally each RI will give the total elapsed mileage (from the last time that you were told tozero your odometer), the delta mileage (mileage since last instruction), possibly a diagram of the intersection, and aninstruction (or instructions) to follow. The speed that you are to travel is either given, or assumed from the last time thatyou were given a speed change. For example:

Distance = Speed(mph) x Time: Sample: 1 hour = 30 miles/30mph: Time = Distance/Speed: Sample: 30 mi = 30 mph X 1 hr: Speed = Distance/Time: Sample: 30mph=30 miles/1 hour

Rally Speed Table Calculator is the perfect helper for your next regularity, tsd, historic or classic rally. It's designed to help the pilots to respect the average speeds during regularity rallying, also known as TSD rallying (Time, Speed and Distance). An additional feature of the app is to calculate seconds based on given speed and distance.

To determine if you're maintaining the required average speed, your navigator must do some quick math: reduce the elapsed time into seconds, divide the miles you've driven by that time in seconds, then multiply that result by the number of seconds in an hour (3,600, if you're counting!).

As per our physics classes: Time = Distance / Speed Hence in a TSD Rally we have to compute time for the given distance based on speed at which we are supposed to be travelling. Simple? Hardly! Firstly, time calculation is a difficult task as you cannot simply divide distance by speed.

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