How to extend a pickup truck frame?

Cassandra Hackett asked a question: How to extend a pickup truck frame?
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Does cutting the frame make it easier to bend it?

  • No, but it does increase the liklyhood of bending the frame, even with "normal" loads. That's why you cut the frame "/" or "\\", overlap, fish-plate and in some cases double frame (at least re-inforce if extending more than 24" or so). The double frame/re-inforcement should be BOLTED to the original frame member and with FRAME BOLTS.

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THE truck frame is one of the most important components on a vehicle, acting as the backbone that carries the truck load. In his presentation, “Preventing Costly Truck Frame Modification Mistakes,” Eddy Tschirhart of the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association dissected the frame, common errors that are made, and strategies to avoid that in the future.

If the frame is doubled already, you will have to stagger the cut. If it is a single frame rail, you can make your cuts with a torch, cut off wheel, plasma or whatever you have to work with, clean up your cuts and "V" both sides of rail to be welded.

But moving hives is only few times a year and is not worth cutting the frame up. You could just make an extention to the bed on hinges and 2 solid bars sliding on the side of the existing bed and the extention for the extra weight. 90% of the time you run the normal bed and the rest extended. You could add a slider bar under in the middle too.

Cut the frame vertically from the top flange down to the midpoint, then horizontally (parallel with the frame rail), then vertically down through the bottom flange. For a 2 foot stretch, I'd probably make the horizontal cut at least 12" or so, to maximize the weld lengths. VoodooTwin, Feb 24, 2013 SHARE POST #10

Don’t trust your $65,000 truck to anybody but Custom Solutionz. Now you can get the largest, most luxurious cab on the market without compromise. With this conversion you gain two feet of length to the bed, allowing you to haul full 8ft sheets of plywood. The longer wheelbase provides a smoother ride and greater stability while towing. Fuel economy isn’t affected. Our new frame sections are built stronger than the factory frame itself. We have tested this conversion to the max and you ...

How to shorten a lwb frame the 1947 shorten my frame ford truck how to shorten a lwb frame the 1947 1951 chevy 3800 dually chassis swap. How To Shorten A Lwb Frame The 1947 Present Chevrolet Gmc Truck Message Board Network Shorten My Frame Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums How To Shorten A Lwb Frame The 1947 Present Chevrolet Gmc Truck Message Board Network 1951 Chevy 3800 Dually Chassis Swap Frame Shortening Projects How To Make A Long Bed Into Short On 1951 Gmc 1 2 Ton Pickup The H M B How To ...

The frame is stretched over top of the rear axle which is the best part of the frame to stretch for a long bed conversion. The suspension, drive lines, brake lines, electrical and parking brake cables are all modified in order to keep your truck running and driving just like it was before it was stretched. Mega Cab Long bed Conversion

MEASURE TWICE, WELD ONCE! Start by supporting the truck on 4 jack stands. The truck should be sitting on approximately the same angle as it does on the ground, or slightly lower in front.

We invented the first telescoping truck bed extender in 1987. Since then, our ingenuity and desire to push the boundaries of what vehicle slide out trays are capable of has made us an industry leader. Our Extendobed products are constructed to work as hard as you do. They boast 100% expansion capability and load limits of up to 3,000 lbs. Our truck bed slide out platforms help you get more accomplished by increasing the capacity of your truck and allowing you to load and unload quickly and ...

Some heavy truck [BIG HEAVY TRUCK not pickup] frames are heat treated, and altho there are guys who weld them You really have to know what You are doing. Light and medium duty trucks use mild steel frames, pickup frames generally have some welded areas as manufactured. Welding on the web of the frame is the least risky place to weld, but there is ALWAYS a liability issue when You modify a vehicle. We always unhook the positive battery cable [s] before welding. This has worked for us so far ...

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