How to help a soul crossover?

Deonte Price asked a question: How to help a soul crossover?
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  • Method 1: Visualization. Mentally guide the spirit into the light. Find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Ask for protection as you would prior to a session with your spirit guides, then ask your own spirit guides AND angels to come forward & tell them you are gathered to help this spirit crossover. Next, envision the White Light.


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Encourage them to sleep, eat, pray, and meditate while remaining in a consciously aware state. If at all possible, try to keep them peaceful and pain-free, and help them to focus on emotionally pleasant feelings. Encourage them to meditate. Meditation is a practice that prepares you for death.

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Get some incense and light it. Burn the incense in the area of the room where you feel the ghost, and imagine the room surrounded by a very white and positive light. 2. Say the following out loud: “Hello again dear ghost.

Talk to the Soul you sense, see, or hear, with words, either internally (within your mind) or externally, with your mouth. Tell them your name and what you are there to do. This person will hear you either way, and whether or not you hear anything back with your physical ears, do know that they can understand you.

If you are a medium and are called in to help cross over a spirit, the first thing you want to do is make contact with them. It’s helpful if you have a member of their family present who can help you verify what the spirit is telling you. Once you’ve established communication, pass along any messages from them to their family and vice versa.

How to help spirits crossover can be a simple and easy thing to learn for anyone with a desire to help and a willingness to become aware of ghosts and spirits. Helping spirits can also provide an amazing sense of fulfillment. Let's start with a basic understanding of what we're talking about when we're using these terms.

Many times a mediumship session will help resolve most of this, where a Spirit feels free to pass after. If you are sensitive to energy, you can help a Spirit cross. You may already have some sense of what may be preventing a Spirit from crossing.

If they feel like someone can not survive without them or that someone NEEDS them to be healthy and live on then a soul may not be able to cross over. They may linger hoping to be of service connection to the loved one who cannot let go. In this state, the soul is very little help to Thor’s loved ones.

Ask Archangel Michael to guide the spirit to the other side. Michael is the Conveyor of Souls. He gathers lost spirits to him & guides them on over. All that is required is a white candle, calling on your own protection, then lighting it for the spirit and asking Michael to help it crossover.

Helping Ghosts Crossover. One of the first things that I do when encountering a ghost is to politely ask them the question, "Are you aware that you no longer have a physical body, but you do continue to exist?" That question usually throws them back a bit but it's not so overwhelming that most of them won't immediately go into rejection of the ...

Most ghosts need a living person to help them find the light. Telling a ghost to go into the light doesn't really work, because when they chose to stay behind, they temporarily lost their connection to the light. Or, it became so dim that they cannot see it and often mistake a living person's soul light for the light.

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