How to improve tennis rally?

Lafayette Champlin asked a question: How to improve tennis rally?
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What's the proper way to play a tennis rally?

  • Play it at that height (but never lean or reach for the ball!). If the ball comes at waist height or higher, then stay where you are and play it at that height. Move forward only when really necessary.


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🏁 What is rally in table tennis?

When the players keep hitting the ball to each other, without missing the ball. The rally stops when someone misses it :)

🏁 What is the longest tennis rally?

The longest tennis rally in history is 17,062 non-stop shots in 9hrs 10 min in Alameda, Ca between tennis pro's rob Peterson and Ray Miller in 2001 as part of a USTA event. (Other claims have been made but not verified/ as required)

🏁 What is the longest rally in tennis?

The longest rally in a tournament was between Will Duggan and Ron Kapp (both USA) who performed a rally of 6,202 strokes, which took 3 hr 33 min, at Santa Barbara Municipal Stadium, CA on 12 March 1988. thats wrong the longest rally was 25544 strokes lasting 15 hours if you dont belive me look it up on guiness world records! 25,544 is technically the longest rally however it was for charity and the point was simply hitting it backwards and forwards. The longest official rally was 643 Strokes between Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner in 1984.

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Improving your physical strength is an important part of playing effective rallies. The more power that you are able to inject into your shots, the greater the speed with which the ball travels through the air, which reduces the reaction time that is comfortably available to your opponent.

A key to instant tennis is the self rally. This will get you hitting the forehand and learning how to control the height of the ball. Hold your racquet in your dominant hand with your palm facing up.

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hitting strokes with good weight transfer, which allows you to hit more effortlessly; hitting lots of balls with the sweet spot of your racket, which gives you more power; having a clear intention of how you want the ball the fly; breathing properly (exhaling at contact and breathing normally in a rally); and so on.

Use this drill to help you learn the basics of forehands and backhands quickly. The alternating self-rally drill focuses on controlling the ball and maintain...

Drill to improve attacking. Feed the ball in from the baseline to start the rally. When one of you hits the ball short (inside the service line) the other player has to move forward and attack the ball using one of the tactics above. Play first to 10 points. If you win the point from an attack, score 3 points. Drill to improve defending

Whenever you rally, wherever you play, make up your mind that you will never let the ball bounce twice. Always run for the ball even if you think you have no chance to reach it. Richard Williams told Venus and Serena when they were six and seven years old, "Don't think, just run and hit the ball."

This way you build you improve your ball control and the rallies will last much longer so you will hit a lot more balls than if you start off on an 8 or 9. Focus on shorter backswings and giving yourself good margin by hitting with good topspin and height so you have time to prepare for the next shot.

The next progression of improving your balance in tennis is done while you rally cooperatively with a partner. Your goal is to maintain your balance/position until you complete the follow-through. Higher skilled tennis players do this automatically without really being conscious of it because they feel that controlling their balance and body movement in space allows them to control the ball better.

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