Is real racing 3 realistic?

Kody Balistreri asked a question: Is real racing 3 realistic?
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Far more realistic than most of its android competitors. So yes, Real Racing 3 is as close as you can get to a racing sim on Android but if you want a true racing sim, you have to get on PC.

If an ordinary android game like 'Driving School 2017' can bring out those realistic characteristics of a car in their game, the team behind RR3 was definitely capable of making the high speed driving in their game to be much more realistic. They did the hardest part and added real tracks as well as real cars to RR3.

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Real Racing 3 is realistic in some aspects as the cars damage is not realistic as i have hit walls runing 130 and the car bounces off as if it hit a wall of rubber and very little damage. Other aspect of the game are off as the cars seam to slide & drift easy.

The handling is realistic and accessible, making Real Racing 3 settle comfortably somewhere between arcade and simulator. Instead of AI racing rivals, the game implements a multiplayer system...


Version 9.3.0. Real Racing 3 on PC is finally here! Now with more grand prix and hundreds of added vehicles, The game is a hyper-realistic racing simulator game. That said, everything from shifting gears, break timing, overtaking, drifting and wheel types all equate to your overall performance.

Is Real Racing 3 realistic? RR3 can be claimed as the most realistic car racing game ever, in a sense that most of its tracks or as per reality. The names of those tracks exist in real life. The cars used in RR3 also exist in reality

******Review*******Real racing is a very great realistic racing game. the game has great gameplay and stunning graphics. it also features an online multiplay...

フォーミュラ1 Real Racing 3 「Real Racing 3」史上最大のアップデートでフォーミュラ1が登場します!これまでにない大量の新コンテンツで、モータースポーツの頂点をお楽しみください! 2019年のグランプリ、デイリーレース、インビテーショナル、チャンピオンシップシリーズが登場!

3 2 1 Fullscreen 1 0 Car Games Driving Games Games for boys Are you ready for Real Racing? Here you will find real cars, real players, real arenas, and real competitions! The game is a mobile-adapted one, but you will be Play ...

Play Sound. In Real Racing 3, racing is rewarded with prize money () and fame points (driver level). The higher the place that you achieve, the more prize money you win, but the main contributing factor to the money and fame received at the end of a race is the time it took to travel. Below is a table of the most profitable races, their prize ...

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