Is there an electric go kart speed controller?

Jefferey Batz asked a question: Is there an electric go kart speed controller?
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  • Our electric go kart motor has: higher torque, better thermal capabilities and a competitive price. In addition, we offer a U.S. made go cart speed controller to go with our go kart motors.

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Also, most electric go karts have some form of electric go kart controller that allows the parent to control the electric go kart speed. Environmentally Friendlier Everyone knows that burning gas releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere. For the environmentally conscious parent, electric go kart motors are the perfect solution.

So I might go ahead and try a few PWM motor controller circuit builds and check heat/performance/etc. (before installing on go-kart) If I use the MSK4227, I think it has a max of 20Amps. So I would likely want to measure the motor current draw at full_load/stalled (aka: vice clamps preventing motor shaft movement) to see if the motor would exceed 20Amps at 24V.

For the motorization of the kart we had to choose 3 main elements: - An engine - An energy source - A controller . We have chosen to have a 3000W motor. The motor chosen for its low price at a nominal speed of 4600 RPM. The objective is to have a top speed of 60km/h. 4600 rpm to have 60km/h. Engine :

The item “Full Kit Brushless 48v 1800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Go Kart Trike eBike” is in sale since Wednesday, December 16, 2020. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Go-Karts (Recreational)\Parts & Accessories”. The seller is “sunmotorparts” and is located in Miami, Florida.

We started to research potential motors that could be suitable for a go kart. Our target motor power output was 3kW. The majority of 3 phase 3kW electric motor are priced around $400, which was too expensive for our budget. We settled on converting a car alternator to a 3 phase synchronous motor. Picked one up for about $30.

Due to its high performance, the engine and its 350A controller are air cooled through multiple vents. The true power of this go-kart shows on the race track. With a top speed of about 130 – 135 km/h (80 – 84 mph) and a max rpm of 6,000, it’s one of the fastest production electric go-karts on the market.

The magnetic, Hall-effect accelerator pedal puts out about .5 volts (OFF, stopped) to 4.5 volts (100% ON, full speed). This needed to be accounted for in the firmware to provide proper pedal operation. Electric Go kart ( E-kart ) circuit design: To execute the design, I decided a PIC microcontroller could handle the task easily.

The three-phase motor controller came from an electric scooter, three LiPo packs provide the juice, and a pair of Arduinos takes care of throttle control, speed sensing, and sending data to the...

It looks like 8 hp is fairly average in the go kart market. This translates to 6KW of power. By the looks of it the typical First CIM motor would run at peak efficiency at 12V and 20 Amps or 240 watts of power.

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