What do i need to know about getting into kart racing?

Cory Hermann asked a question: What do i need to know about getting into kart racing?
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  • 6 Steps to Take to Get into Go-Kart Racing Find your first go kart. If you know you want to race, you'll need to avoid old-school fun karts, which are old machines that aren't suitable for racing anymore. Safety first. Once you have your kart, make sure that you get the appropriate safety gear… Watch go-kart racing in action… Ask questions and get training… Practice and train… More items...
  • Lando Norris' tips on how to get into karting Be smooth. I definitely think you have to be smooth - that's a key factor… Get lots of seat time. Do as much as you can around your local kart track, or racing… Learn how to drive in the wet. When it rains, the rubbery racing line becomes very slippery and therefore slow… Be prepared to adapt your lines… Hard work will make you go faster…

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Equipment: Scroll down to find out what equipment you need to get started in racing, but please read the safety information below first. Safety. Safety is a combination of many things, two of which include the driver and the track. Karting is safer than many other sports, but it is a high-speed motorsport so there are some dangers to be aware of.

If you know you want to race, you’ll need to avoid old-school fun karts, which are old machines that aren’t suitable for racing anymore. You might think that you can save money by buying an old machine and fixing it up, but race standards are stricter than you might think, and getting an old kart up to snuff can cost a lot.

To race an adult kart, you need to be age 13 or over, and have an inside leg measurement of at least 29 inches. We recommend tuition or Ultimate Race Experiences to get in some practice however at TeamSport, we run competitive racing events too.

How to get started in Go Kart racing | Karting has something to offer everyone regardless of gender, nationality, race or religion. With minimal investment you can enjoy the weekend together as a family, train to become a professional race driver or race some of the most famous tracks in the world. Why be a spectator when you can participate?

Other than that, you just need your helmet, suit and boots – and obviously your kart, tyres, fuel, engine. If you start going to a few different tracks, you might want to buy a new set of tyres ...

Interestingly, someone on a kart forum actually did an analysis of the cost required to start go kart racing. They looked at the cost of a used go kart, entry fees, kart tires, race gas, kart parts, engine maintenance, hotel expenses, travel gas cost, etc. For just one season (or year) of regional kart racing, they figured out it’d cost around $8,000 – at least. OUCH! But there is good news.

The karts are designed to sacrifice right hand corner speed to improve left hand corner speed. Increasing the ability to raise the vehicles left side weight percentage and offsetting the driver to the left of the chassis, as well as offsetting the left rear frame rail to the right of the left front frame rail accomplish this.

Kart racing provides much of the thrill of “real” racing as well as an avenue to tune your skills, with a much easier entry than higher-level racing. If you’re not ready to jump right into owning your own cart, you can check out local competitive karting tracks to get a taste.

To gain your licence first you need to buy a Go Racing pack from Motorsport UK which includes an application form, a medical form and all the information you need to pass your ARDS course. The pack...

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