What does a crossover team mean in the grey cup?

Gretchen Koch asked a question: What does a crossover team mean in the grey cup?
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Can a crossover team play in the Grey Cup?

  • The current crossover formula could allow for a same division Grey Cup game, however it also ensures each division has two home playoff games, despite the crossover teams’ record.


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🏁 Can a crossover team play in the grey cup?

  • The current crossover formula could allow for a same division Grey Cup game, however it also ensures each division has two home playoff games, despite the crossover teams’ record.

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They are placed between the amplifier and the speakers or sub and, as such, take an already amplified signal to the right driver… An active crossover allows the amplifier to focus only on the frequencies you need to boost, basically giving you more control over the way your amps act.

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But there is another way a team can qualify for the Grey Cup Playoffs. Although it has yet to yield a Grey Cup winner, several teams have used the method to qualify: It’s the crossover rule.

And here's how it works: If the fourth-place team in division A has more points, not tied, than the third-place team in division B, the fourth-place team will cross over to division B, replace the third place team in division B, and compete against the second-place team of that division.

A crossover team never has reached the Grey Cup game, though some have come close. Last year, the Saskatchewan Roughriders beat the Ottawa Redblacks in the Eastern semi, then lost a tight battle ...

Ahh, the crossover. Statistics indicate that this route is not how you even reach the Grey Cup game, never mind win it. The crossover has come into effect 10 times in CFL history. All 10 times, the team crossing over has failed to even reach the Grey Cup game. Beating two adequate teams while being on the road for consecutive weeks is no easy task.

The Grey Cup (French: Coupe Grey) is both the championship game of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the trophy awarded to the victorious team playing in the namesake championship of professional Canadian football.The game is contested between the winners of the CFL's East and West Divisional playoffs and is one of Canadian television's largest annual sporting events.

The crossover rule, as outlined in Article XII 12.01 of the CFL Constitution, provides for the fourth place team in a division with more points than the third place team in the other Division to replace the third place team in the other division's semi-final game.

Since the whole crossover playoff system was introduced in 1997, why, the very idea that an East team might one day be eligible was considered laughable. Almost happened this year.

In conjunction, our team is in constant communication with the local Grey Cup Festival Host Committee. We work very collaboratively to figure out where we can combine efforts and essentially act as a resource to help their team make decisions in their planning and execution. Grey Cup is really a beast of its own!

The Esks, the fourth-place team in the West, earned a crossover spot by finishing fourth in the West with more points than third in the East. The playoffs, of course, are exactly where the Eskimos ...

This payment comes from revenue from the playoff and Grey Cup games and a minimum of $469,200 is paid to 46-man rosters of 3 teams (2 semi-finalists, 1 bye) for each of the division semi-finals ($938,400 total), $331,200 to 2 teams for each of the division finals ($662,400 total) and $1.104 million for the Grey Cup.

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