What does clrlg mean in horse racing?

Irma Crist asked a question: What does clrlg mean in horse racing?
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  • Term describes a horse that has gained the lead, then opens a clear advantage. It is used ONLY when a horse is in front. However, it does not necessarily mean that a horse has to win (e.g. drew off turn, weakened mid stretch).

What does “usually” mean in horse racing?

  • Usually refers to a horse that finished in the first three. Four places are only paid in handicaps with 16 or more runners and two places are paid when there are between 5 and 7 runners. Can refer to a horse as being talented or developed beyond it’s years. If a horse takes a prominent position in a race it races near to the lead.

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When included in the six figures that make up recent form, C means that the horse was pushed off the designated race course during a race by another horse. When displayed outside of the recent form figures, C means that the horse previously won on the racecourse it is due to run on next.

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