What does hn mean in horse racing form?

Gene Schroeder asked a question: What does hn mean in horse racing form?
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What does 00 mean in horse racing form?

  • 0 means that the horse finished outside the top nine in the relevant race. What does - mean in horse racing form? A – symbol means that the horse took a break from racing between seasons. This symbol can also be placed between two race results to indicate that the races took place in different years.
  • H next to a horse's name: This tells you that the animal is considered a male horse. A young male horse is considered a colt, like the 3 year old males that run in the Kentucky Derby. A castrated male horse is always referred to as a gelding, regardless of age.

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RPR - Racing Post Rating (compiled by our private form handicapper), adjusted for that day’s weights. TS - Topspeed. W1 - Horse having first run since wind surgery W2 - Horse having second run since wind surgery. Form figures. 1-9 - position the horse finished. All-weather (Flat) and point-to-point (jumps) are in bold.

Form in horse racing refers to a horse’s performance record. This can be tracked and presented in a few different ways: This can be tracked and presented in a few different ways: Comprehensive form : this allows you to review all of a horse’s performances for every race it has run across a variety of race formats over the course of its entire career.

This simply means a horse has suffered an injury during a race.

A form of headgear designed to assist nervous or anxious horses when running. First Time Hood (h1) If the horse is sporting a hood for the first time a 1 will appear next to the h that shows the horse is declared to wear a hood.

How to Read Form in Horse Racing (the Numbers) We’ll keep things simple to start with and use an easy example. If you take a look at “El Misk” in the screenshot above, you’ll see a short string of numbers underneath the horse’s name. In this case, it reads “1721”. Reading from RIGHT to LEFT, this means that the horse won its last ...

OR: The official rating of a horse according to the BHA. Form. These terms are all used to represent a horse’s form. 1-9: Previous finishing positions of a horse. 0: Horse finished outside the top nine. – : Represents the turning of a year. / : A separation of horse racing seasons. P: The horse pulled up in a race and didn’t finish.

What Does 0 Mean In Horse Racing Form? 0 (zero) means that a horse finished in 10th place or lower. What Does Rule 4 Mean? In horse racing in the United Kingdom, Rule 4 is a ruling put in place to appease the market when a horse is withdrawn from a race after a wager has been placed. It is a deduction on the odds at the rate of 90% to the pound. What Does Ante-Post Mean? A wager placed at ...

The levy in its current form has been in since 2017, but it’s been about in some form since the introduction of the Horserace Betting Levy Acts of 1969. Bookmakers are required to make a contribution to the sport based on the amount of profit that they make direct from bets placed on horse racing. The current deal that is in place is 10% of ...

Form A guide that shows a horse’s past performances over distance and conditions. Fresh A horse that is returning after having an extended spell away from racing. Front Runner A horse that prefers to lead and kick on in front of the other horses in the field. Furlong Traditional measure of distance in a race prior to the metric system. It is ...

Arthur Bartlett on the daily routine of Man o’ War during his racing days, published in The New Yorker, Dec. 1937: “His first meal was at 3:30 in the morning. Then he took it easy in his stall until 7:30 when Frank Loftus, his groom, massaged him with a hairbrush, went over his mane and tail with a corn brush, washed his feet and face, and sponged out his eyes and nostrils.

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