What does low cable crossover work?

Coleman Vandervort asked a question: What does low cable crossover work?
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  • First of all, with the low cable crossover, it can work until it is exhausted, raise the cables to the middle level and target your mid chest muscles; After exhaustion, you can work your lower chest muscles by taking the cables up again.

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Low-pulley cable fly or low cable crossover is an excellent upper chest exercise that allows you to work your muscles over a large range of motion.

What Muscles Do Cable Crossovers Work With? Standard Crossovers. The cable crossover is an isolation exercise because your shoulder joint is the only one that moves. Muscles Worked. Standard crossovers target the sternal head of the pectoralis major, the largest muscles in your chest. Low Crossover…

Low Cable Crossover Muscles Worked: Prime Mover: pectoralis major (chest) Secondary Muscle: pectoralis minor (chest), Latismus dorsi (back), front deltoid (shoulder), bicep brachii (arm) Common Mistakes to Avoid: The most common with the low pulley cable crossover is bending your arms too much that it starts to become a bicep curl.

Lift weights with cable crossovers. Learn tips and techniques for working out the chest, back, shoulders, and arms in this weightlifting video.

Muscles Engaged in Reverse Cable Crossover This exercise mainly contracts the posterior deltoid, infraspinatus, teres minor, and, at the end of the movement as the shoulder blades come together, the trapezius and deeper in, the rhomboids.

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But little do they know; the cable crossover’s effectiveness has come as a surprise to many. And no longer will anyone pass it off as a ‘last’ exercise in any chest workout routine … So, we’re going to explain how you can utilize the cable crossover machine to increase muscle hypertrophy and strength while staying injury-free.

The cable crossover exercise targets your pectoralis major muscles' sternal heads, which are the muscles found in the bottom part of your chest. These muscles are often known as your lower pecs and...

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