What does the g1 g2 g3 mean in horse racing?

Eulalia Dach asked a question: What does the g1 g2 g3 mean in horse racing?
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What is the difference between a G1 and a G2 race?

  • If you look at the entry list for some races, there will be a maximum number of entries with priority given to winners of grade 1 events then grade 2 then grade 3, etc. G1 (like the Kentucky Derby) is better than G2 which is better than G3 which is better than an ungraded stakes race.

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What is the difference between G1, G2, and G3 classes? The graded stakes system helps to classify important races from one another as a means to separate the great horses from the good and to keep lower-quality horses from entering the gate of a top stakes race and possibly taking the spot of a better horse who also wants to enter.

Lafayette S. (G3) Grade 3 stakes Suburban H. (G1) The “H” stands for handicap and means that the amount of weight each horse carries in the race is assigned by the Racing Secretary or Track ...

Grade 2 races are directly below Grade 1 (surprisingly). The weight a horse carries here is decided either by Weight-For-Age, but there are minor penalties for previous wins, or the handicaps carry a very limited weight range. Next we have Grade 3, Valuable Open Handicaps, where there is more emphasis on the handicap rating and finally the listed races, where the same system is used and where the quality, though slightly lower, is still at the top end of the spectrum.

Grade 3 Stakes: Another graded race is G3 its a level down from G1 and G2 stakes races. G3 races purses are not as highest as the G1 and G2 stakes purse. These races have a lesser caliber of stake hoses. I believe G3 race are great races, one thing about G3 races there more horse enter into the race. after research there more G3 horses than G1 ...

Examining Different Levels of Competition at the Racetrack. Just as all horse races are not created equal, neither are all horses. However, racetracks overcome this inequality as best they can by pitting horses of similar ability together for various races. This practice is known as parity. To envision how the horse races are planned by the ...

When reading a horse racing racecard, whether it be online or in a newspaper, you will see various abbreviations next to the horses name which gives important information, but what do these mean? Reading the form in horse racing is a very important part of picking bets out but if you don’t know what some of the abbreviated terms mean you might miss some vital information. Our guide below will help you navigate through a racecard with all the information you will need. Racecard ...

Trainer Bill Mott’s mare out of Gemologist is a seasoned runner with experience in several major races. She competed in the BC Distaff (G1) last year, along with the Molly Pitcher (G3) and the LaTroienne (G1). Never winning a race higher than a G3, she still looks promising, but this particular spot is much tougher than any she has ever faced.

We often write about horses earning Black -type in stakes races. This term and the levels of importance indicate d by it, is often confusing to those new to the sport. Black -type indicates a runner has won or placed in a select race of importance. When a horse wins a stakes race, the information is added to the racin g databases of T he Jockey Club, Equibase, BrisNet and other companies that produce racing and breeding reports for their clients. When a horse goes to an auction, a catalogue ...

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$150,000 Gallorette (G3), 1 1/16 miles, turf, 3 & up fillies & mares (race 6) A six-horse field but nonetheless a fascinating handicapping quandy with the seasonal return of #5 Mean Mary (6-5) after six-month layoff. Mean Mary won a trio of graded stakes in 2020, but all were at longer distances and she may not be primed yet for her top effort ...

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