What does ts mean in horse racing?

Abe Grady asked a question: What does ts mean in horse racing?
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Finally, we have TS which stands for 'Top Speed' which indicates how fast a horse can run, and RPR which is the Racing Post Rating. This is different from the OR in that the RPR takes into account how well a horse will run in the specific conditions of the race.

Finally, we have TS which stands for 'Top Speed' which indicates how fast a horse can run, and RPR which is the Racing Post Rating.


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🏁 What does headway mean horse racing?

Headway is a good indicator of attitude, being genuine. But of course those comments depend on the class of the race. Headway in a class 6, may well be 'one paced' in a class 4. And within those classes of race there can be variance in ability depending on location and prize money on offer.

🏁 What does horse racing results mean?

UR stands for Unseated Rider. You would see this when looking at race results, or a horse's past form. Basically, the horse did not finish the race because at some point the jockey fell off.

🏁 What does ire mean horse racing?

  • CD – indicates a horse has won over the course and distance before. BF – stands for beaten favourite and indicates a horse was favourite for its last race, but did not win. You may also see an abbreviation after a horse's name (e.g. IRE), this indicates where the horse was born if not in Great Britain.

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TS - Topspeed W1 - Horse having first run since wind surgery W2 - Horse having second run since wind surgery Form figures 1-9 - position the horse finished. All-weather (Flat) and point-to-point (jumps) are in bold. 0 - if the horse

TS stands for top speed and is a rating compiled by the Racing Post that is designed to rate a horses ability based on how fast a horse has ran in a race. According to the Racing Post, a mature horse, carrying 9 stone, with a top speed rating of 100 would have the ability to meet the Racing Posts standard time on good going in a race that is ...

Finally are the Racing Post's TS so erratic one should n't bother ? I mean the RPR's too don't readily give you winners, as they are close to each another in most races, but you can see that an 80 figure does not beat a 90 figure so easy.

The TS of a horse is generally found in the Racing Post online cards. The ratings are calculated by comparing the time it took for a horse to finish a race. This figure will then be compared to the racing posts standard time for that

If the horse is sporting a tongue tie for the first time a 1 will appear next to the t that shows the horse is declared to wear a tongue tie. Top Weight The horse carrying most weight in the race, this runner will be number 1 and the weights decrease as you look down the race card for each race.

SHORT- A horse in need of more work or racing to reach winning form. SHOW- Third position at the finish. SHOW BET- Wager on a horse to finish in theSHUT OFF- Pocketed

Horse racing captures the public’s imagination like no other sport. Race tracks come alive in the spring as all the major metropolitan courses host huge group races, drawing gallopers from all around the globe. If you are new to horse racing the vernacular can be tricky, but by using our glossary in no time you […]

Horse Racing is betting’s most popular and exciting sports, and April usually sees the entire country come together and lump their cash on a horse in the hope of winning big. For many though, finding the best horse racing tips and predictions can be confusing, as can betting on horses in general.

Understanding what horse racing form abbreviations and numbers mean is only half the battle won when it comes to learning how to read horse racing form. Once you understand how the horse performed over recent races, you’ll need to understand what this means for its prospects in the race you’re planning on betting on.

1, 2, 3, and 4 down the left are the sadle cloth numbers. In flat racing there will be a number in brackets which indicates the stall number that they start from. Underneath each sadle cloth number is the horses recent form. So horse 1 has form 3141-4 which means in the most recent race Shaky Gift came 4th and the dash before that means results ...

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What does aoc mean in horse racing?

A race for which the racing secretary drafts certain conditions to determine weights to be carried based on the horse's age, sex and/or past performance. AOC - Allowance/Optional Claiming. This race type combines features associated with two traditional race types, Allowance and Claiming races. Horses may be entered under Allowance conditions (not ...

What does approximate mean in horse racing?
  • Approximates - The approximate price a horse is quoted at before a race begins. Bookmakers use these approximates as a guide to set their boards. Arbitrage - Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win. ART - Artificial Turf.
What does aud mean in horse racing?

Aud horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Aud horse rating and status. See who is a fan of Aud.

What does aw mean in horse racing?

I believe that All-Weather (AW) horse racing offers one of the best opportunities to create a winning system. When you know what to look for, it has the potential to be the most profitable of all types of horse racing on offer. Those

What does b mean in horse racing?

BD, also written as B, means that a horse fell during the course of a race due to a collision with another horse.

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Racing flags explained What does barrier mean in horse racing?

WHAT IS barrier in horse race? One point you must remember when assessing barrier draws is this: Horses compelled to race wide around turns MUST cover more ground than runners inside them. Start one horse around this circle running against the rail and another horse in the middle of the track, or about 15m from the rail.

What does benchmark mean in horse racing?

A Benchmark 78 runner has a touch of class but hasn’t yet gone to the high grades. Some horses stay in this grade for a long time, but it’s a good race to win for any runner looking to scale the heights of group racing. Benchmark 84. Decent money is on offer for Benchmark 84 horses.

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Diesel tuning 101 - the basics of tuning your diesel truck with an sct flash device What does bha mean in horse racing?
  • The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) gives horses an Official Rating (OR) as a means of helping us determine the quality of the horse. It is an essential component of handicapping because it enables official handicappers to decide how much weight a horse should carry in each race.
What does blad mean in horse racing?

However, the beauty of this unique face marking comes with some undesirable issues. Horses with this much white on their face have more pink skin on their noses and around their eyes. This means Bald Face Horses are at a higher risk of horse sunburn, so horse owners need to

What does bm mean in horse racing?
  • Benchmark races are handicap races based on ratings that are open to every horse and have no restrictions. These races are advantageous for open horses no longer competitive in that grade to drop back against restricted class horses. Benchmark races give the stakeholder the option to race on and delay retirement of their horse.

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Dodge charger r/t vs. dodge charger sxt (v8 vs. v6) racing What does bm70 mean in horse racing?

OPEN race 12 KG better than 70 benchmark race EXAMPLE.OPEN race 12 KG better than 70 benchmark race That is the reason ,i have numbered the OPEN HANDICAP 0 [NUMBER ZERO ] You go up and down from zero Increased weight concessions for Three Year Olds in staying races – all sectors The existing three year old weight allowance in open age races ...

What does bm78 mean in horse racing?

As a general rule, punters look for horses going into races where that horse is dropping in class. For example, if a horse has performed well at Benchmark 90 level and is dropping to a BM78 you'd expect this horse to have a class advantage over the field.

What does breakdown mean in horse racing?

Their legs break, unable to withstand the forces that the horses exert upon their bodies. People in the industry call it, euphemistically, a “break down.” It occurs 1 out of every 200 times a horse starts a race. All of these horses are being ridden by a jockey who is pitched off when the horse falls.

What does breezing mean in horse racing?

The trainer is Breezing the horse with a controlled Breeze, meaning distance and how fast the trainer wants the horse to run. Also, the trainer decides if he wants his horse to run with company, two horses or more or just alone. Without getting too technical, the trainer works horses to get them fit or keep them fit.

What does bumper mean in horse racing?

BUMPER HORSE RACE EXPLAINED A bumper race is simply a race without jumps that is run at a National Hunt meet. Horses must be aged seven years or under and must not have raced in a National Hunt meet before (apart from in other bumper races).

What does c mean in horse racing?

What does C&D mean? As well as numbers showing the horses' most recent finishing positions, look out for letters such and C and D next to its name. C means they have won previously at the course and D means they have previously won over the same distance.

What does carryover mean in horse racing?

The remainder of the betting pool is “carried over” to the next pick 6 series of races at the track. This carryover will continue to grow until there is one unique ticket with all 1st place finishers of the 6 designated races. Horse racing: learning the game Because of how this wager works, jackpot-type pools can be created.

What does chalk mean in horse racing?

#horseracingterms #bettingonhorses #horseracing #handicappingIn this video, you will learn what the term Chalk means as it pertains to horse racing and how t...

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6 peoples reactions to the crazy 900hp 3dx evo What does claim mean in horse racing?

A claiming race is a type of horse race in which the horses running in the race are all for sale. The purpose is to make races more competitive by matching horses of equal value. Claiming races are the most common horse races at most horseracing tracks.

What does closer mean in horse racing?
  • CLOSER- A horse who runs best in the latter part of the race, coming from off the pace. CLUBHOUSE TURN- Generally, the turn closest to the clubhouse. COLORS- Racing silks-jacket and cap-worn by riders to denote the owner(s) of horse.
What does clrlg mean in horse racing?

When included in the six figures that make up recent form, C means that the horse was pushed off the designated race course during a race by another horse. When displayed outside of the recent form figures, C means that the horse previously won on the racecourse it is due to run on next.

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