What happened to faction rallies in destiny 2?

Helga Leannon asked a question: What happened to faction rallies in destiny 2?
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Faction Rallies are a week-long community activity introduced in Destiny 2. They were removed from the game and Luke Smith confirmed in his Directors Cut for 2019, that Faction Rallies will no longer happen and they Bungie has no plans on adding them back.

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Destiny 2: Faction Rallies Aren't Returning, But Their Gear Will Trials of Osiris might be on its way back, but Bungie is keeping other old Destiny 2 events shelved. By Phil Hornshaw on March 3 ...

What happened to Faction Rallies? I got back into Destiny about one month before Shadowkeep released and I gotta say, love what Bungie has done with the game, but I noticed some elements that I loved are missing.

What Happened to Factions? After the last Faction rally, they just kind of disappeared. I would not only like to see them return, but to see them utilized like in D1.

When pledged to a faction, the following activities in Destiny 2 will drop faction tokens: Daily Faction Rally milestone; Public events; Lost Sector chests; Quickplay or Competitive Crucible games

The good news is Destiny 2 players may not have to wait until Season 5 to see how Faction Rally will change. According to Bungie, the event will only be hiatus at the beginning of the Season.

In a blog post, Game Director Luke Smith stated that Rally of Factions is not coming back into the game and that we have no intention of bringing it back into the game at any time, but the rewards you used to get from Rally of Factions can still be won. Destiny 2’s Faction Rally has been used to supply very special equipment and loot based on the 3 factions of the game – Dead Orbit, Cult of Future War and New Monarchy.

After Dead Orbit won the first faction rally of Destiny 2's Season 3 and Future War Cult took the win on the last one, players indeed rallied around New Monarchy helping the faction be the winner.

Faction rallys were fine. We just didn't have a ton of content at launch so they felt super repetitive. With everything we have now it doesn't make sense not to have them.

I get that people were not super thrilled about the nature of Faction Rallies, given the time-limited ticking clock to hunt down catalysts and ornaments, and the activity being so Lost Sector-focused.

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