What is a motor racing term?

Bianka King asked a question: What is a motor racing term?
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DEFINITIONS1. a sports event in which fast cars race on a special track. The American word is auto racing. Synonyms and related words. Racing with cars and other vehicles.

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In motor racing, drifting is a cornering technique (also called a four-wheel drift) where a car takes a high-speed corner held at an angle on the track without major steering inputs, balancing natural understeer with power oversteer. Drive-through penalty A penalty applied by race officials while the race is underway.

Sim (simulated) racing is the collective term for computer software (i.e. a vehicle simulation game) that attempts to accurately simulate auto racing (a racing video game), complete with real-world variables such as fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings.

Motor racing definition: the sport of racing cars or other vehicles | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Racing term for changing position on the track to prevent drivers behind from passing. Blower Belt: The belt that drives the blower on a dragster. Also see Gilmer Belt. Blow Over: A drag racing phenomenon where a dragster, most often a Top Fuel car, flips over itself.

A term used to describe a type of cross country off-road motorcycle racing. Scrub: “Scrubbing a jump” is a term used to describe the action when a rider attempts to stay low while jumping a jump or obstacle. You lay the bike over and try to absorb the suspension. You want to keep the bike on the ground – keeping it on the ground means ...

A typical Harley motor can range from 53ci to 110ci depending on the model. Indian uses a 111ci engine… racing, which is where the term originated.

Formula racing is any of several forms of open-wheeled single-seater motorsport road racing. The origin of the term lies in the nomenclature that was adopted by the FIA for all of its post-World War II single-seater regulations, or formulae. The best known of these formulae are Formula One, Formula E, Formula Two, Formula Three, regional Formula Three and Formula Four. Common usage of "formula racing" encompasses other single-seater series, including the GP2 Series, which replaced ...

Some have called it "NASCAR with a German accent," but Joey Hand thinks the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) is more than that: "These cars are the highest level of GT racing in the world," says ...

A chicane (/ ʃ ɪ ˈ k eɪ n /) is a serpentine curve in a road, added by design rather than dictated by geography. Chicanes add extra turns and are used both in motor racing and on roads and streets to slow traffic for safety. For example, one form of chicane is a short, shallow S-shaped turn that requires the driver to turn slightly left and then slightly right to continue on the road ...

By HendrickMotorsports.com. Starting A Career In Racing. Across the country, thousands of race fans dream of getting the opportunity to work with a NASCAR team. While many hope to work in the NEXTEL Cup Series, the available positions are few and far between, and a resume full of experience is usually required.

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