What is a small pickup truck?

Mya Klocko asked a question: What is a small pickup truck?
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  • Pick-up(n.) (Vehicles) a small truck having an enclosed driver's compartment (cab) but an open rear with usually low sides and a tailgate. Also called pickup truck.

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The 2021 GMC Canyon is a capable compact pickup truck with user-friendly features and excellent workhorse abilities, but its safety score is read more » 7.7 SCORE $26,400 - $44,700 MSRP

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline is currently the only unibody pickup truck on the market and it effortlessly blends the convenience of a truck with the ride comfort of a family SUV. While the Ridgeline is less rugged than most other small trucks on this list, it makes up for it in its above-average reliability, comfort, and cabin quality. The Ridgeline handles like a car or crossover and its peppy 3.5-liter V6 engine is good for 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque.

Little trucks like the Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer Sport Trac, Dodge Dakota, Suzuki Equator, and Chevrolet S10 come to mind rather quickly. So, without further ado, here are the little trucks that everyone should consider when shopping for their next pickup. Nissan Frontier

The mid-size segment or the 2021 small pickup trucks still have some advantages over the more capable sibling. For example, truckers are getting a better fuel economy and handling. Most of the 2021 small pickup trucks will have at least 7,000 pounds of towing capacity. There are only a few models available with a diesel engine.

GM is planning a small pickup to replace the Chevy Montana. We decided to imagine what the new compact hauler will be like. The new Chevrolet small pickup truck will be competing with Ford’s Focus-based pickup. The Chevy Montana successor will be targeted at overseas markets and especially Latin American countries, where compact pickups are still very popular.

This is the ultimate well-rounded small truck. It performs better than most competitors when it comes to ride refinement, maintaining composure even on poorly maintained roads.

While small truck-based pickups can be used for modest towing and hauling purposes, given their sturdy rear-drive body-on-frame platforms, they tend to be lacking in either regard compared to...

The smallest pickups today are midsize — like the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier. The Santa Cruz is 17 inches shorter than the shortest truck currently on offer and four inches lower than the...

A full-sized double-cab pick-up, it’ll have more than 200 miles of range from a 105kWh drive battery in it standard form, ranging up to 400 miles in top-line trim.

Think of it as more similar to the previous-generation, smaller Ranger. According to one dealer at the event, that's kind of what it looks like from the side. There have also been rumors ...

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