What is da drag racing?

Harry Pfeffer asked a question: What is da drag racing?
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Christmas tree (or "tree") – device at the starting line containing signal lights, used to start a race in addition to showing starting violations. DA – density altitude; a reference to qualities in the air.

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Drag racing is an established sport in South Africa, with a number of strips around the country including Tarlton International Raceway and ODI Raceway. Drag racing is controlled by Motorsport South Africa and all drivers are required to hold a valid Motorsport South Africa license.

DA Calculator - Density Altitude Calculator , This calculator will calculate the Density Altitude (DA) from the given weather conditions for your drag racing runs. You can enter in the data manually if you have it ready, or you can choose the track and date of the drag racing run and we will look up the weather and elevation data for you.

The length of a drag racing track is, as you can probably guess, a quarter-mile, or 1,320 feet, with each lane measuring 30 feet wide. Here are the various components of the track: Burnout (aka “water”) Box: An area reserved for vehicles to enter that’s been sprayed down with water to help reduce friction as a driver initiates a burnout.

WHAT IS A DRAG RACE? In basic terms, a drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles over a measured distance. The accepted standard for that distance is either a quarter-mile (402.336 m) or an eighth-mile (201.168 m). These contests are started by means of an electronic device

If you're like us, you know a lot more about corner speeds and heel-toe downshifts than you do about 60-foots or a prepped track. Though the high-level premi...

The race track for playing the drag race is known as drag strip, where all the drag races are being conducted. For a drag track, a quarter mile is the best length track. It has a length of 1320 feet or 402 m. Some tracks are of 201 m and are known as 8th mile. The races for the premier class category runs for 4.8 meter or 120 feet.

Essentially a pair of categories for fast E.T. racers, Top Dragster presented by Racing RVs (open-wheel entries) and Top Sportsman presented by Racing RVs (full-bodied cars) feature a qualified ...

RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Drag Race variants, is a television drag queen competition franchise created by American drag icon RuPaul, and the production company World of Wonder.It originated in the United States in 2009, where it was devised as a replacement for Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (2007–2009), and has been adapted in various countries.

Drag Racing Terms To Know Before Hitting the Track: Part 1. For newcomers to drag racing, learning the lingo is a great way to settle in to the racing community and learn more about the sport. We’ve put together a glossary of words and phrases to know before you hit the drag strip. Part 1 covers the first half of the alphabet letters A-M ...

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