What is gender crossover?

Petra Altenwerth asked a question: What is gender crossover?
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A situation in which each sex takes on the other sex's roles and traits in later life, i.e., women become more self-confident and men more emotional. gender crossover. Erikson's middle adulthood stage in which people consider their contributions to family and society.

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the procedure or trend of presuming the part of the opposite gender by way of taking on their appearance thru hair style, garments worn, and the way they talk and move about in ways that others deem symptomatic of the opposite gender. CROSS-GENDER BEHAVIOR: "Cross-gender behavior is exhibited often in individuals with gender identity issues."

gender identity disorder a disturbance of gender identification in which the affected person has an overwhelming desire to change their anatomic sex or insists that they are of the opposite sex, with persistent discomfort about their assigned sex or about filling its usual gender role; the disorder may become apparent in childhood or not appear until adolescence or adulthood.

In 1994, gender theorist Susan Stryker defined transgender as encompassing "all identities or practices that cross over, cut across, move between, or otherwise queer socially constructed sex/gender boundaries", including, but not limited to, "transsexuality, heterosexual transvestism, gay drag, butch lesbianism, and such non-European identities as the Native American berdache or the Indian Hijra".

The Crossover Effect of Gender on Happiness by Age 81 does not significantly differ for men and women at any point in the life cycle. We then offer various possible explanations, based upon what we know of about happiness and several social and psychological variables other than gender, for differences by age. Marital Status and Aging

Studying cross-gender dance, the subject of the first two chapters, reveals the ways in which gender is mapped onto sexed bodies, exposing processes of negotiation and ideological constructions of both femaleness and maleness. Stunning males and powerful females: Gender and tradition in East Javanese dance.

The "Crossover" installation at Brookfield Place's Move! exhibition completely challenged the way we think about gender.

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Sex versus Gender sex refers to the biological differences between males and females based on physiological factors, including: sex chromosomes, reproductive organs, hormones, secondary characteristics gender refers to the way a society perceives, evaluates, and expects males and females to behave all societies have gender categories but ...

Gender and Development (GAD) is a holistic approach to give aid to countries where gender inequality has a great effect of not improving the social and economic development. It is a program focused on the gender development of women to empower them and decrease the level of inequality between men and women.

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