What is meant by outlaw 10.5 drag racing?

Stacy Lubowitz asked a question: What is meant by outlaw 10.5 drag racing?
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What is a 10 5 outlaw car?

  • The Rise & Fall of Outlaw 10.5. The traditional Outlaw 10.5 car had to conform to five basic limitations: stock firewall, stock-style front suspension, mufflers, and all in a 3,000-pound package riding on 10.5-inch rear slicks (though the tread width of 10.5W tires actually measures about 11.25 inches).

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OUTLAW 10.5 XL BIG TIRE ADD FOR ANY TIRE LARGER THAN 33×10.5w (Max 105 Roll-out) (If your cars wheelbase is less than 2” +/– from Factory OEM specs deduct 50lbs from the weight ads below) +50 LBS. •NA COMBOS +100 LBS. •SB NITROUS COMBOS •SB ROOTS SUPERCHARGED

Probably the most talked about and controversial class in all of "Heads Up" drag racing is the Outlaw 10.5 group. Cars that had originally been street machines struggling to run a quarter mile in nine seconds and under right here at Raceway Park have now moved into a zone never thought of in those early years of its generation.

Outlaw 10.5 the premier class here at Cecil County Dragway in the Finishline Performance Outlaw Street car Shootout series saw twenty cars on the property trying to qualify for the 16 car field. Billy Gordon took the #1 qualifying spot with a 4.319 at 184 with T.J. Kasper right behind him with a 4.336 at 182.

This drag racing video clip covers all of the action from the elimination rounds of the Outlaw Street 10.5" tire class. The Hughes Performance Street Car Super Nationals event was held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV, in 2006.

“There weren’t a lot of guys building cars, the Outlaw 10.5 specifically. By their own admission, some of the other organizations were seeing lower car counts and so forth.” The meetings were attended by most of the leading 10.5 sanctioning bodies, such as ORSCA, ADRL, NMRA/NMCA, and the West Coast-based Pro Street Car Association.

Outlaw 10.5 Drag car for a 1/8 mile series featuring a doorslammer racing on 10.5 inch tire. No front or rear suspension requirements, and all body types allowed if car retains original appearance.

In small-tire racing, wheelie bars are only allowed in select classes, including Outlaw 10.5 and Outlaw Radial/Radial Wars. Some grudge racers use them, as well, but for good reason. When you’re putting down close to 2,000 horsepower or more to the wheels, and get all of it to stick a car will take flight in a hurry.

A Look Inside Outlaw 8.5 Racing. By Deborah Woodward October 25, 2010. Outlaw 8.5 is an exciting, growing class of the 1/8th mile small tire wars, predicted to be the next hottest thing in America’s insatiable craze for heads up drag racing. The 8.5 concept started at Ohio Valley Dragway in Louisville Kentucky nearly nine years ago amongst a ...

So convinced of the advantages that a radial provides, the team at Mickey Thompson developed and launched several new tires to the market last fall, and among them were radial slicks in tread widths and diameters meant specifically for heads-up drag racing — namely Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial, and Outlaw 8.5.

Outlaw 10.5. Steve Gorman (Precision Powdercoating) came in to race day leading in points, and set the bar high in qualifying with his 4.432 pass to take the #1 qualifier spot. Larry Wood, also regularly showing up with impressive numbers off the trailer, took the #2 qualifier spot with a 4.451 at a mere 173mph.

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