What is meant by the draft in racing?

Roxane Stroman asked a question: What is meant by the draft in racing?
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Drafting or slipstreaming is an aerodynamic technique where two vehicles or other moving objects are caused to align in a close group, reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead object's slipstream.

How does drafting work in a NASCAR race?

  • In addition to friction drag, there is pressure drag created by the low pressure behind the leading car. By staying close to the lead car the trailing car interrupts that low-pressure system and cuts down on its effects. The end result is about a 5-mile per hour (8-kilometer per hour) increase in speed for each car in the draft.

What is draft drafting used for in cycling?

  • Drafting is used to reduce wind resistance and is seen most commonly in bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, car racing, and speedskating, though drafting is occasionally used even in cross-country skiing, downhill skateboarding, and running. Some forms of triathlon allow drafting.

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Drafting isn't limited to auto racing, though it is most effective at higher speeds where there's more energy from a moving object displacing air therefore creating a slipstream behind it. Bicycle racers and speed skaters most often take advantage of drafting.

Draft: The aerodynamic effect that allows two or more cars traveling nose-to-tail to run faster than a car running by itself. When one car follows another closely, the one in front cuts through ...

Draft definition is - the act of drawing or pulling in a net. How to use draft in a sentence.

Double draft essentially just turns on the “draft van” power up for all riders, all the time. In a double-draft event, then the draft van actually makes things easier than they would be. The “draft van” power-up is actually less of a boost – nothing like the feather or aero boost – and more just bringing the draft benefit more in line with real world physics.

Draft. An unconditional order in writing, signed by a person such as a buyer, and addressed to other person (), typically a bank, ordering the drawee to pay a stated sum of money to yet another person (), often a seller.A draft, also called a bill of exchange, may be payable to a named person or his order (order draft), or to bearer (bearer draft). The most common versions of a draft are sight ...

Antiwar activists viewed the draft as immoral and the only means for the government to continue the war with fresh soldiers. Ironically, as the draft continued to fuel the war effort, it also intensified the antiwar cause.

The Racing Commission released draft rules and regulations, clarifying the letter can only be issued by the current local leader with a casino's application. Here is how the proposed rule reads:

Sight Demand Draft: This type of DD is approved and paid only after the verification of certain documents. The payee will not be able to receive any money if he/she fails to present any of the required documents. Time Demand Draft: A Time DD is payable only after a specific period of time and before that, it cannot be drawn from the bank.

A bank draft is a negotiable instrument where payment is guaranteed by the issuing bank. Banks verify and withdraw funds from the requester's account and deposit them into an internal account to ...

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