What is the best car in csr racing 2?

Dexter Dickens asked a question: What is the best car in csr racing 2?
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What is the best t5 starter car? pt. 1| csr racing 2

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The M235i Coupe is a pretty good car for Tier 2, especially because you can buy it for just $75,000. It's light and has high power, but you'll need to upgrade your tires to bring the grip up. If you want Tier 2's best vehicle, you'll need to earn the F-150 from the Rare Imports lot.

Are there different cars in CSR Racing 2?

  • CSR Racing 2 is full of cars at every tier and each one offers a different performance on the race track. When fully upgraded, even a “humble” looking car can become a beast at the last level.


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Top tier 3 cars in csr 2

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Csr racing 2 best tier2 car: 718 boxster s tunning - csr racing 2 beating shana's range rover evoque What are the best racing bike brands?

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What is the best car csr racing?

Best car stats

TierHighest Power (bhp)Highest Grip
1309bhp Ford Focus ST4372 Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S
2585bhp Chevrolet Camaro SS7132 Dodge Charger RT
3795bhp BMW M6 Coupe9442 Bentley Continental GT V8
41,046bhp Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren10,753 Bentley Continental Supersports
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The fastest car in csr 2 ??!! What is the best horse racing website?


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Fastest cars for each tier | csr racing 2 | read description