What is the difference between thouroghbred racing and trotters?

Rubye Brakus asked a question: What is the difference between thouroghbred racing and trotters?
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What is the difference between harness racing and thoroughbred racing?

  • A major factor that sets harness racing and Thoroughbred racing apart is the fact that harness racing uses a sulky, also known as a race bike, which is a lightweight cart that is attached to the horse. The sulky has only two wheels and has a seat in which the driver sits to steer their horse.


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Thoroughbred racing is more popular then harness racing, however, I could argue that Trotters have a more dedicated fan base. Both have a large crowd of dedicated fans. The major difference between these two types of racing is that the harness racing, also known as standard bred racing uses a sulky, which is a lightweight cart with two wheels and is attached to the horse by use of a harness.

Unlike Thoroughbreds, Standardbred racing continues to break race track records. There are a few reasons for this, not all of them having to do with the horses themselves. Equipment has gotten lighter. Synthetic harnesses are lighter than leather. Vehicles are made of lighter materials too, instead of wood and metal.

Another distinguishing factor between these two types of racing is that Thoroughbreds only use one four beat gait (the gallop) when racing, whereas harness races either allow trotting or pacing. Trotting is a two beat diagonal gait where the legs move together in diagonal pairs.

Thoroughbred. Thoroughbred is a horse breed that originated in England. It is one of the most popular breeds of racing horses. However, the term thoroughbred describes any purebred horse breed as well. Thoroughbreds are one of the hot-blooded breeds, as they are agile, speedy, and have a great spirit with them.

There is another difference between the horses in harness racing. There are Trotters and Pacers. A pace is faster than a trot and you will likely see more Pacers than Trotters on a given track. The fascinating thing about pacers is something you will not see in a Thoroughbred race – the lateral gait.

It gives the race its name, while in thoroughbred racing a jockey rides the horse. Another difference between the two races is that in thoroughbred racing, {the horses have a chance to trot, gallop or pace but in Harness racing|harness racing requires the horses to trot, gallop or pace. Pacing is faster than trotting in harness racing.

Harness Racing. July 26, 2010 5:18am. I want to write about differences in Thoroughbred and Harness Racing. What I have experienced Is that you either bet one or the other, obviously Thoroughbred's are the most bet races, and usually a bettor that sticks to these races only bet's a Harness race when there is nothing else running... Colonial Downs.

The headpole is designed to keep the horse’s head from turning during a racing event. Trotters and Pacers are Standardbreds. The horses who compete in thoroughbred racing are thoroughbreds. All of these horses can trace their lineage to one of three original stallions. In harness racing the breed of horse that competes is called a standardbred.

Trotters and Pacers. Standardbreds race at two different gaits, the trot and the pace, and trotters race only against trotters and pacers against pacers. The trotter moves his legs in diagonal pairs, while the pacer moves his legs laterally, or with the front and rear legs on the same side moving together.

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