What is trail braking in racing?

Augusta Heathcote asked a question: What is trail braking in racing?
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To trail brake is to blend braking and turning at the same time. It enables a driver to brake slightly later, but more importantly, manipulate the car’s mass to aid corner entry. This technique is not the ‘racing school’ method of braking in a straight line, releasing the brakes and then turning into the corner.

Trail braking is a driving and motorcycle riding technique where the brakes are used beyond the entrance to a turn (turn-in), and then gradually released (trailed off). Depending on a number of factors, the driver fully releases brake pressure at any point between turn-in and the apex of the turn.

A quick look at Trail Braking and how to properly trail brake around a corner. Trail braking is a fundamental driving and racing skill that can be applied t...

Trail braking means maintaining gentle braking pressure as you turn into a corner. When done properly it allows the driver to brake slightly later into a corner and potentially gain an advantage on the track. You need to be fairly familiar with your car and even then it requires a lot of practice to get right. Stages of trail braking

Trail braking involves easing off the brake pedal so as not to let the car understeer, while still slowing it enough to make a corner. It's a tough skill to master, which is why Wyatt Knox of Team...

Trail Braking - Braking technique in which the initial deceleration is achieved through threshold braking, but soon after the driver feathers off of the brake pedal slowly and a balance between braking and cornering grip is achieved while the driver transitions from threshold braking to threshold cornering.

Trail-braking is a term that gets thrown around as an advanced cornering technique. It’s actually pretty simple: gradually release the brakes as you turn into a corner. This is in contrast to the more basic technique of separating pedal input from steering input.

The earlier paragraph is often termed “trail braking”, and is why you’ll see a fast driver bleed off the brakes as they turn into a corner even in cars without downforce.

Trail braking isn’t limited to just the front brake, or even sportbikes. It applies to all motorcycles and the rear brake, too. The point here is that braking and leaning are not mutually exclusive. Trail braking is not only possible, it’s encouraged and an effective way to stop, turn, and otherwise control your motorcycle.

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