What to wear to sturgis bike rally?

Clyde Mueller asked a question: What to wear to sturgis bike rally?
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What should I wear to the Sturgis Rally?

  • Here are a couple of tips on what to wear to the Sturgis Rally: Pack minimally and plan to pick up new apparel and gear when you arrive at the rally. Two pairs of pants, two shirts, and one week's worth of underwear should hold you over and leave room for those souvenir shirts to wear while you're here. Warm Clothes.

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I did not pack a fleece to wear so my new Sturgis t-shirt was a long sleeve! WHAT TO PACK: Clothing – Plan on wearing a pair of jeans more than once or twice. You probably will not have room to pack a fresh pair of jeans for everyday. We wear the same pair of jeans during the travel to and from the rally. You will most likely be wearing

what to wear to sturgis motorcycle rally While the rally is held during the height of summer, the weather can take a hard turn in a very short period of time in the hills. Always have your rain gear packed as well as a jacket or long sleeve shirt; you will be amazed at how much the temperature can change once the sun goes down.

What to Wear to Sturgis - The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boot Collection. By Adam Hansen | Submitted On September 18, 2009. Everyone loves a good motorcycle rally, and Sturgis is king of them all. The annual motorcycle event draws enough people to South Dakota's Black Hills to double the state's population.

Sturgis Rally 2016 tee rainbow tie dye butterflies 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally tee 2016. Bright neon rainbow tie-dyed. Features design of butterflies and the text "Black Hills Rally South Dakota". Short sleeve t-shirt. Hot pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, blue, and purple. Good condition with minor wash wear.

You can begin your Sturgis Rally adventure by connecting with a friendly face, picking up a Welcome Packet, and free Sturgis Rally Ride Pin and Patch at the Sturgis Rally Information Center™! Sometimes all you need to help make your trip frustration-free is the opportunity to ask someone for a recommendation on what to do and see.

Wear one or don't. You make the call. Depending which direction you're traveling from, ... The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the largest motorcycle rally in the world. It is held annually in The Black Hills and in Sturgis, South Dakota for 10 days during the first week of August. It was started by local Indian dealer Pappy Hoel in 1938.

Lazelle Street is another integral part of downtown Sturgis, and is lined with vendors, food booths, aftermarket part suppliers, and manufacturer displays from Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle. If you want a rally T-shirt or a new part for your motorcycle, Lazelle is the place to be.

Sturgis t-shirts, hoodies, patches, stickers, souvenirs and popular Sturgis Rally gear all come to mind when you’re heading to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. You want the appropriate gear, proper look, and to pack only what you’ll proudly wear while you’re visiting Sturgis. Find gear with the best style and function for you.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally & COVID-19. The Sturgis Rally was still held during 2020 amid the global coronavirus pandemic. About 250,000 people attended the 2020 Sturgis Rally, many of whom did not wear masks or practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC. Following the rally, COVID-19 infections had spread to at least 8 states throughout the country as attendees returned home.

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