What tricks to do on stock clutch for go kart?

Winona Johns asked a question: What tricks to do on stock clutch for go kart?
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The $50 go kart gets a predator 212!

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A go-kart clutch is an important mechanical component, as it engages the power transmission. It does this by transmitting the torque from the crankshaft of the engine to the rear axle, ultimately moving the go-kart forward.

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An ideal gear ratio would put your go kart at 25 mph at 3600 rpms for a centrifugal clutch, and up to 35 mph at 3600 rpm with a torque converter. 7) carb venturi size could be too large (bored out too large) which also reduces low end torque due to the low intake velocity.

Differences: Go-Kart Torque Converter vs Clutch. The way a torque converter operates compared to a clutch is very different. The main difference is that torque converters idle before they engage and they start to engage at around 1,700 RPM. Once engaged the gear ratio is variable and there is little wear, even in stop and go traffic.

The clutch should be cleaned after each race night. To clean your clutch we recommend taking the sprocket/ basket assembly off the clutch. Take the 2 pieces and soak them in a bath of acetone for about 10 minutes. After soaking, spray the clutch out with air, re-lube the sprocket bearing with a small amount of Vaseline and reinstall on the motor.

It is a good idea to buy suspensions made specifically for the go kart hobby. Steering Assembly. Racing a go kart is like racing any other vehicle. You need speed to get going and to keep going, a good suspension so the go kart stays on the ground and a decent frame so that the go kart will not be too heavy.

The first is to drill several holes through the air filter box without damaging the air filter. The second is to use a high performance air filter. More air flow means more combustion, which means more power. Combining these will further increase the speed and power of the go kart engine.

Engines need three things: air, fuel and spark. When you add more air and fuel into an engine, you get more torque and horsepower, which is the cheapest bang for your buck. predator 212cc high flow intake adapter and air filter. Intake The stock air filter and intake keeps the engine from ‘breathing in’ too much air.

Get the block decked so the Piston is .005 in the hole. Take the Piston to someone who can shave some material off to make it lighter. Do that to the rod also. Make sure whoever is doing it is able to hide the work. Take the head to someone who can mill around .010 off the gasket surface and do a good 3 angle valve job.

Go Kart Racing Clutches and Accessories Your go kart clutch is the single most important component in transferring the power of your engine to the track. Kart Parts Depot is proud to offer complete line up of go kart clutches and service parts to fit every level of go kart. Choose a clutch from top brands like Bully, NorAm, Viper, Hilliard ...

Install larger-diameter tires on the go-kart, especially on the rear. Increasing the diameter of the tires means that each revolution of the tire pushes the go-kart further than it would go with smaller tires. Increasing the diameter of the tires by 1 to 2 inches can dramatically improve the speed of the go-kart.

PISTON: Stock OEM Predator Piston, with no alterations allowed. No honing of wrist pin bore allowed. Piston skirt must retain stock defined edges.... No de-burring/chamfering/radiusing allowed. Arrow on top of piston must point toward lifter gallery. RINGS: Stock OEM predator rings only, with no alterations.

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