What's the difference between indoor and outdoor go karts?

Angus Shields asked a question: What's the difference between indoor and outdoor go karts?
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  • The Outdoor Go Kart Track Outdoor tracks are characterized as being wider, having longer straights, larger layouts, and less turns when compared to indoor tracks. The borders of the track in the turns will often feature bumpers or old used car tires to protect drivers and the karts from going off the track.

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On a slick, indoor track, the karts are safer to drive than outdoors, so it’s less dangerous travelling at higher speeds. Indoor karts usually offer additional safety features compared to regular outdoor karts. An indoor kart tends to be more solid, with the body of the kart in one piece, covering the internal mechanism.

And true racing facilities like Ace Karts will flank those run-off areas with professional-standard impact-absorbing barriers. So there’s really only one main difference between indoor and outdoor go-karting: everything. To book a real life racing experience, call Ace Karts on 1300309847 today.

Indoor go-karting tracks are climate-controlled and are good for people who want a slow and easy ride: the tracks usually lack curves and turns while also moving at a much slower pace than outdoor tracks.

Outdoor - Arguably, the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor karting is the weather. Rain, snow, ice, and even dew can have a huge impact on the course and the way that you drive it. Regular outdoor karters will also need to invest in weatherproof or outdoor karting gear.

Outdoor go kart racing is more fun because it has wider tracks and more room for adventure. One doesn’t feel restricted here and can really test their driving skills to the max. But when we talk about indoor racing, the fun is no less and it has a bit more safety too.

Some circuits include a short outdoor section simply to add interest. Most indoor circuits have their own fleet of racing go karts or micro karts, chosen to be economical and not necessarily for their speed. It is typically in indoor karting where most people will enjoy their first time in a kart.

Differences between Tracks A major topic of discussion whenever NASCAR and Formula1 fans get together, different tracks mean very different things when it comes to racing. In our opinion, there’s really only 3 different kind of tracks for auto and go kart racing; a straight line drag race style, the oval and the road course.

Typically, outdoor tracks are also used for traditional kart races. Indoor kart tracks can be found in many large cities in different parts of the world. These tracks are often located in refurbished factories or warehouses, and are typically shorter than traditional outdoor tracks.

There are indoor go karts and outdoor go karts. But most of go karts for salecan be used for indoor and outdoor at the same time. There are no apparent difference between indoor and outdoor go karts. More difference you can consult for our engineer.

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