When did mini desktop racing happen?

Lorine Walter asked a question: When did mini desktop racing happen?
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Sell or keep / mini desktop racing wii [2]

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Mini Desktop Racing happened in 2005.

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Mini desktop racing . (wii) gameplay

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Mini Desktop Racing is a racing video game published by Metro 3D and developed by Data Design Interactive. It was released on PC and PlayStation 2 formats in July 2005. A Wii version was released in Australia on 22 November 2007, and 23 November 2007 in Europe and North America.

Mini Desktop Racing is another shovelware title that simply needs to be ignored at all costs. It’s better than its partner in crime, Offroad Extreme, but only by a hair, as the racer’s ...

Mini Desktop Racing. Mini Deskop Racing is a race in the style of the well-known Micro Mashines. They were produced by Data Design company, which specializes in creating low-budget production. Tear past your opponents in Championship and Single Race mode, or shave seconds off your record in Time Trial. Use rulers, books and folders for big air ...

Mini Desktops PowerMac G4 Cube – 2000. This 8″ cube garnered a lot of kudos in the short time that it was in production. The designer of the Cube, Jonathan Ive, won several international awards for its design. Image by Apple.com . Mac Mini – 2005. This diminutive computer only measured 6.5″ by 2″. It weighed in at 2.5 pounds. Image: Apple.com

Mini Desktop Racing free download - Mini Racing, Mini Motor Racing, RC Mini Racing, and many more programs

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The loud fans in the original computer were the one that blows on the motherboard and the one that blows out the back of the computer. I took the side panel off once when they were racing and it looked and sounded to me that both were racing loudly. Also there was a lot of air exiting the back of the computer when it happened.

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