When did the crossover win the coretta scott king award?

Gertrude Lindgren asked a question: When did the crossover win the coretta scott king award?
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The Coretta Scott King Award is an annual award presented by the Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table, part of the American Library Association (ALA). Named for Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr., this award recognizes outstanding books for young adults and children by African Americans that reflect the African-American experience.

The Crossover is a 2014 children's book by American author Kwame Alexander and the winner of the 2015 Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award Honor. The book, which is told entirely through verse, was first published in the United States in hardback on March 18, 2014 through HMH Books for Young Readers.

She received the 2014 National Book Award for her New York Times bestselling memoir “Brown Girl Dreaming,” winner, a four-time National Book Award finalist, and a two-time Coretta Scott King Award winner.

In 1982, the Coretta Scott King Book Awards became an officially recognized ALA award. The Coretta Scott King Task Force joined ALA’s Ethnic and Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT) in 2003 and became the Coretta Scott Book Awards Committee. The Coretta Scott King Book Awards have grown to include several categories.

The Coretta Scott King Book Award was founded in 1969 to honour the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr., and his wife, Coretta Scott King. Initially, only an annual award was presented, with the first recipient being Lillie Patterson in 1970 for Martin Luther King, Jr.: Man of Peace (1969). In 1974 an illustrator award was added (although it has not been handed out every year), with George Ford winning for his work on Ray Charles (1973; written by Sharon Bell Mathis). Notable runners-up ...

Coretta Scott King Author Award winners: 2021: Before the Ever After, by Jacqueline Woodson. You can also find Before the Ever After at Amazon. 2020: New Kid, by Jerry Craft. Also a Newbery medal-winner. You can also find New Kid at Bookshop. 2019: A Few Red Drops: The Chicago Race Riot of 1919, by Claire Hartfield.

Clear rating. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. The Undefeated. by. Kwame Alexander. 4.69 avg rating — 5,106 ratings. Coretta Scott King Book Award for Illustrator (2020) Want to Read. saving….

Kwame Alexander's The Crossover won both the Newberry and Coretta Scott King Awards for children's literature in 2014. Combining beautiful prose with poetry that jumps off the page, Alexander tells the story of twin thirteen year basketball players Jordan and Josh Bell in a manner that makes reading fun for middle grade kids.

All 334 Coretta Scott King Award Winning and Honored Books Since 1970. This page has been optimized for printing. You may also view the complete information for all of these titles shown below. 2021 — Author Award. Before the Ever After. by Jacqueline Woodson (Nancy Paulsen Books) 2021 — Author Honor.

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All of the Crossover Events Between 'Supergirl' and 'The Flash' By Sara Belcher. Mar. 30 2021, Updated 9:05 p.m. ET

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A 5-issue DC Crossover starting in July 1998 involving Green Arrow Vol 2 #134-135, Detective Comics Vol 1 #723, Robin Vol 2 #55, and Nightwing Vol 2 #23: Batman: Cataclysm: 1998: The plot of the storyline centers on Gotham City being hit by a massive earthquake, the epicenter of which is less than a mile from Wayne Manor.

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