When were shifter karts introduced?

Ansel Ward asked a question: When were shifter karts introduced?
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Extreme go-karting on 6-speed shifter karts!

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Karting is form of racing in a small four-wheel vehicle known as a go kart. In the beginning, the first-ever go kart was created in Los Angeles by Art Ingels in 1956.

Go karting originated in the United States in the 1950s, when it was initially a recreational sport, with no governing body. However, over the years, it evolved into a professional sport following the introduction of regulatory bodies.

In 1956, an American race car builder by the name of Art Ingels (later known as the father of karting) and his neighbour, Lou Borelli, created the world's first go kart.

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Bondurant dd2 shifter karts

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A veteran hot rodder and a race car builder at Kurtis Kraft, he built the first kart in Southern California in 1956. Early karting events were held in the Rose Bowl Stadium car park. Instantly popular, Karting rapidly spread to other countries, and currently has a large following in Europe.

In 1949, the release and shift controls were merged into a single lever, giving birth to the Paris-Roubaix 1002 shifter in honor of Fausto Coppi’s win in the homonymous race of 1950. With the same competitiveness shared by Coppi and Bartali, Campagnolo leaves no room for competitors.

Gradually the right-hand traffic was adopted in most countries: Belgium introduced it in 1899, Portugal in 1928, Spain in 1930, and Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938. The kingdom of Sweden — not until 1967. It became the last state in continental Europe where left-hand traffic persisted.

In 1938, Simplex introduced a shifting derailleur that uses cables much like modern bicycles. This represented a major improvement over preexisting shifters and began a push towards advanced shifting mechanisms. Indexed shifting on the handlebars was introduced 10 years later and remains ubiquitous on bicycles today.

In 1990, the Triumph company resumed higher production numbers and six new models were introduced to the world. The powerful Speed triple model was unveiled in 1994, and the new factory in Hinckley was completed.

The first self-serving grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee in 1917. The front counter was replaced with multiple registers, as customers were now free to fill baskets as they gathered their own items from shelves.

All XLH and XLCH models were right-hand shift (just like the Triumph, Norton and other British motorcycles they were competing with at the time) up until 1974, though 'Big Twin' Harleys were always left-hand shift. The 1975 and 1976 models were converted to the 'standard' left-hand shift using a crossover linkage. In 1977 the left hand shift became a permanent change with the shifter shaft coming through the primary. Harley Davidson Released the Sportster 883 in 1988

Circuit of The Americas and COTA Karting has introduced enhanced sanitation protocols to promote safe, socially-distant fun in the midst of the current pandemic. These protocols are aligned with city and federal recommendations for cleanliness and safety during this time . In addition to standard cleaning procedures, COTA Karting will:

About halfway through 1959, Fender introduced a "slab" rosewood fingerboard on most of its models (this lasted until 1962 when a thinner "veneer" style fretboard was introduced). 1959 also marked the shift from a single-ply white pickguard to a three-ply white-black-white celluloid nitrate pickguard.

The first automotive application of the lock-up principle was Packard's Ultramatic transmission, introduced in 1949, which locked up the converter at cruising speeds, unlocking when the throttle was floored for quick acceleration or as the vehicle slowed.

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110 mph shifter kart at daytona. world karting association championship