Where to purchase racing fuel?

Jordi Sawayn asked a question: Where to purchase racing fuel?
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Can I run race gas in my street car?

  • Race gas is for race cars, period! Street cars usually have static compression ratios of between 8:1 and upwards of 11:1, and usually in the 9:1 and 10:1 area on most performance "street" engines. The problem running race gas is that if you don't have the compression to compress the fuel and air enough, you'll actually run SLOWER!

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With our wide selection of Sunoco Racing Fuels in leaded and unleaded varieties spanning a range of octane levels, you'll be sure to find the product you need in 5 gallon pails or bulk 55 gallon drums. Racing gas is a category of gasoline that go beyond the performance level you find at their local gas station.

ETS Racing Fuels will last at least 12 months in an unopened container. Application Notes: PX11 can be used on 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines with compression ratios up to 15,5:1. PX11 is an oxygenated fuel, the fast combustion speed will probably force the tuner to decrease spark advance timing to take the full power of the fuel;

Winning on today's racing circuit requires more than an exceptional driver and a well-built car. It takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance - fuels like those produced by Sunoco.

RACE GAS has been tested and proven to increase the octane of pump gas to as high as 100 to 105 AKI, (R+M/2), when blended with gasoline as specified in our blend chart. Second, other products on the market only increase the octane. RACE GAS also raises the chemical / BTU energy of base fuel to equal that of racing fuel.

Race fuel is a performance part. That’s right—fuel is a performance part, as critical to your program as a camshaft or piston. A race vehicle is nothing more than a collection of parts. And to have a winning race vehicle, you need the best parts—and that includes racing fuel. Racing fuel that is specifically designed to optimize ...

Race.Win.Get Paid Team Renegade Renegade offers racers an exclusive rewards (contingency) program that aims to support the racing industry with world class performance race fuels and more! Win, get rewarded & save using best fuel money can buy! Winning & Saving YOU Money.

VP Racing Fuels has developed a line of ethanol-free, high-octane small engine fuels and synthetic oils designed especially to keep outdoor power equipment starting quick and running clean. Learn More. VP's NEW Hand Sanitizer. To help protect your customers and partners during the COVID-19 crisis, we are now taking orders in bulk for hand ...

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The Official Fuel of NHRA. In 2015, Sunoco completed the trifecta of American Motorsports by signing on as the official fuel of the National Hot Rod Association ().Sunoco is now the exclusive provider of racing fuel for all of the NHRA's professional racing classes: Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle.

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