Which is better gfs pickups gold or garbage?

Lempi Stamm asked a question: Which is better gfs pickups gold or garbage?
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  • GFS Pickups.... gold or garbage?? i got an extra body laying around and im going to start on a "budget" project soon. ive built a few guitars from Warmoth and used only the best hardware and pups, and now i want to try to do a decent one as cheap as possible.

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depends on the pickup. - The "Jimi" reverse stagger strat set was, to my ears, the very best set of strat pickups I've ever heard. Best. (a word I rarely use). - the "Liverpool" gretsch pickup left me flat. - the "Lil Puncher" Barden-esq thing was horrid. Came out of my tele & got dropped into a trashcan.

There is no best pickup for everyone (except for forum discussions and back patting). I replaced $160.00 PRS Dragon II pickups, with GFS Memphis pickups. For me, they worked much better. I latter replaced the Memphis pickups with $160.00 PRS Starla pickups. I liked both much better than the Dragon II's. What any pickup is worth, is up to you.

In my opinion they are WAY better than the stock pickups that are normally put into mid-ranged guitars. They are an upgrade unless you already have some name brand pickups in your guitar you don't need to buy these lol. I will say that the PHAT pickups impressed the shit out of me.

GFS guitar pickups have attained a loyal following over the last few years for their high quality and low cost, as well as for the staggering diversity of pickups in the line, which includes not only standard Strat and Tele pickups, humbuckers, and P-90s, but also a wide array of less-orthodox models like Gold Foils, Filtertron-style models, lipsticks, mini-humbuckers, and Jazzmaster-style pickups.

Even the magnet itself is shaped different then more humbucker magnets. Is not as wide but much thicker due to the smaller space between the pules sticking out the bottom. You'll better off just getting a super D instead of spending 1/2 as much for a pickup that wasn't what u wanted. GFS stuff is generally crap quality too.

To improve durability, gold is mixed with other metals before it’s crafted into jewelry. The gold’s purity is measured using the karat system, which measures the ratio of pure gold to secondary metals used in the alloying process. Pure gold is 24K, meaning that all 24 parts out of 24 are pure gold.

It may be beneficial to use garbage collection if you are writing a game than say an embedded kernel. But, when you can't afford the runtime disadvantage (right resources, real-time constraints) then performing manual resource allocation is probably better. It may take time but can be 100% efficient.

Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley. Quote by K33nbl4d3

Yamaha makes the best acoustic guitars for the money, period. No one else sells a solid sitka spruce top for $200. No one. Fender comes close with the DG-8 Englemann spruce top, but it still isn't as good a guitar as the Yamaha FG-700s, the world's best-selling guitar, or its new replacement, the FG-800.

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